Breaking: Breakout Indie Hit ‘The Amazing Digital Circus’ Is Getting 9 More Episodes

Marilyn maketh, Marilyn taketh awayth. Marilyn is trying really hard to create something good. For once, her expectation and reality are going to align. It will be epic. It will be tear-jerkingly profound. It will be perfect. Nothing can go wrong.

Directed by Mikey Please
Animated & Photographed by Mikey Please, Dan Ojari
With animation from Tim Allen, Steven Warne
Music Composed by Ben Please, Jools Scott, Bethany Porter
Sound Design by Adam Janota Bzowski
Voices: Josie Long, James Stevenson Bretton, Theodora van der Beek, Josephine Gallagher
Model Makers: Jen Newman, Nadia Oh, Katy Beverage, Dan Ojari, Mikey Please, Carmen Mason, Anna Ginsberg, Laura Bateman, Kim Swallo
Puppets: Mikey Please, Lizzy Dalton, Jen Newman
Set Design: Nadia Oh, Mikey Please, Jen Newman, Dan Ojari
Supervising DOP: Matthew Day
Incidental Lighting: Max Halstead
Musicians: Andrew Douglas Forbes, Catherine Hurley, Emma Hooper, Benedict Please, Bethany Porter, Jools Scott, Ian Vorley, James Watts
Soloists: Amadou Diagne, Maria Danishvar Brown
Developed at the JAPIC Residency with the Japanese Ministry for Cultural Affairs
Produced by Blink Industries/Hornet Films
Filmed at Clapham Road Studios

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