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I’ve decided to take down the story “Steven Universe Creator Rebecca Sugar Buys Cozy $2 Million House In L.A. Suburbs,” which we published on Saturday, December 3.

Our readers let us know that they were unhappy with the story being posted, so it’s no longer on the website. I’m sorry to those of you who voiced your concerns, and anyone who didn’t but felt similarly. I can also assure you that I won’t be writing or publishing any real estate stories about individuals purchasing homes in the future.

When I decided to write and publish the piece, I never could have imagined the response it would get. Cartoon Brew has published dozens of similar stories over the years without ever receiving any similar feedback. My poor judgment here isn’t an excuse though, and I am sorry that I published the piece.

My journalistic background didn’t prepare me either. I started as editor in chief at Cartoon Brew in March, after six years writing for Variety where real estate stories involving industry figures are standard. In fact, I found out about this deal in Dirt, which is the former real estate section of Variety that was spun off into a stand-alone site operated by the same owners. Pictures for our article were retrieved from the home’s real estate listing and were taken before Sugar purchased the property.

It’s clear to me now that the industry status quo doesn’t work for our readers, which is why we’re making the change. I appreciate that so many of you voiced your concerns, and hope you continue to do so.

I always try to be as available as I can within reason. My email address is and my DMs are open on Twitter. I read every email and every message, even if I don’t always have time to reply.

Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang is the Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew.