‘Tis the season for animated holiday greetings. Here’s a selection of some of the pieces we’ve come across recently.

Santa Claus’ Carbon Footprint by Pixileon (France)

Director: Jeremy Depuydt
Writers: Erik Struyf, Jeremy Depuydt
Voice: Théo Wenger
Voice recording, consultant: Loïc Villiot
A Synthesizer for Christmas by Ambar Navarro (USA)

Animated/Directed by Ambar Navarro
Music by Hyperbubble
Additional Animation: Julian Petschek, Tempe Hale, Quique Rivera Rivera, Isabela Dos Santos, Tomas Christian
Post-Production: Julian Petschek
Shot at BE∆RD H∆US
Made at CalArts, 2013.
Snowflake by Eoin Duffy (UK)
Hyvää Joulua by Mummu (UK)

Art Direction & Animation: Sam Atkin
Sound Design: Oswald Skillbard
Joyeux Temps des Fêtes coquin! by Squeeze Studio (Canada)