<em>Lui Lui in Amelica</em> by Vera Wing Lui <em>Lui Lui in Amelica</em> by Vera Wing Lui

Lui Lui in Amelica by Vera Wing Lui

Lui Lui in Amelica is a thesis film project by Chinese-born Vera Wing Lui, who graduated this year from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. According to the filmmaker, “Because of her cultural background and the cultural differences she has experienced in America, she created her most recent short films…Since this is a mirror and metaphor to her life, the whole film is all based on true stories.”

Lui worked with Signe Baumane on her “Teat Beat of Sex” series, and like Signe’s films, the Lui Lui cartoons are short, self-contained episodes narrated by the filmmaker. Above is the second episode called “Tattoo.” The first episode is called “Crush Me.” They’re gentle and cute, but with just enough bite to make me want to see more. I don’t know if Vera is continuing production on the series, but Lui Lui does have a blog.

(Thanks, Fran Krause)