This morning at the Google I/O developer conference, Glen Keane debuted his new hand-drawn short, Duet, which he produced with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group. The short is the third in Google’s series of Spotlight Stories that are designed to explore the possibilities of interactive animation on mobile devices.

The first short in the series, Windy Day, was directed by Jan Pinkava (Geri’s Game) and debuted last October; the second short, Buggy Night, was directed by Mark Oftedal. Pinkava has been the creative director on the entire series to date.

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The version of Duet that Keane showed today was a non-interactive version and not the full mobile experience that will debut later this year on devices with proper hardware capabilities and Android 4.2. You can see the press conference followed by the entire short by going TO THIS YOUTUBE LINK.

Glen Keane working on “Duet.” (Click for larger version.)
Click for larger version.
Glen Keane working on “Duet.” (Click for larger version.)

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