Time flies when your having fun – and this was fun.

Hard to believe it was almost nine years ago when Amid and I teamed up to create a daily blog devoted to bringing the animation community together with a smart source of news, commentary, gossip and ideas.

I’m quite proud of what we’ve got here. Cartoon Brew has ultimately morphed into the premier website for artists, animators, students and enthusiasts. Our readers have shaped this site as much (or more) as we have.

This is my final post on the Brew. I leave the site to my friend and colleague Amid Amidi to begin the next chapter in its ongoing evolution.

For those wondering where I’m going – I’m planning to continue doing what I’ve been doing: animation showings in L.A. (with plans to bring my act to New York as well), teaching cartoon history, consulting with Warner Home Video and continuing my efforts to get classic cartoons out of the vaults and onto your personal screens (on whatever device you prefer). I’m also committed to several new book projects, and have a few brand new ideas I’d like to pursue. I’ll also maintain a presence on the web, through my Facebook page and with my old site, CartoonResearch.com.

It has always been my ambition to work full time in the wacky, wonderful world of animation. My involvement with all of you through the Brew has fulfilled that goal – and then some.

Let me use this moment, right now, right here, to say ‘thank you’ to all the Cartoon Brew regulars who’ve been checking in with us all these years. To all the friends and strangers who read the site and tell me in person (at screenings and festivals, at Comic Con, at Ralph’s, El Pollo Loco, etc.) how much it means to you. It makes me feel great to know I’ve contributed something positive and meaningful to the community.

So to everyone, I’ll simply say “Stay TOONed”.

The best is yet to come.

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