HOUSEKEEPING: How to Send Stories to Cartoon Brew HOUSEKEEPING: How to Send Stories to Cartoon Brew
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HOUSEKEEPING: How to Send Stories to Cartoon Brew

Have an animated film or a piece of news to share? Here are some helpful tips for submitting to Cartoon Brew:

* If you are submitting an item, DO NOT SUBMIT using our personal contact forms or Twitter accounts. Submissions via our personal forms will be junked. Use our SUGGEST A STORY form, which is conveniently located in the right sidebar.

* An easier way to get our attention is to submit items via Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page. The benefit is that even if we can’t post it, it becomes part of the public discussion among nearly 5,000 Brew readers. Our FB page is quite active and we both both haunt it regularly.

* If you have a company press release, submit it to our CB BIZ news editor Chris at PR [at] cartoonbrew [dot] com

* Do not send links to film fundraising campaigns.We haven’t linked to a single fundraising campaign in over 18 months. That includes Kickstarter, IndieGogo and all their imitators. We instituted the no-fundraising policy as a fair way of dealing with the barrage of requests. If a film project is newsworthy for a reason other than the fact that it needs money, we may write about it AFTER the fundraising campaign is over, or we’ll post about the project without promoting the fundraising effort.

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