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Where Cartoon Brew Readers Work and Study

Last weekend marked the 5th anniversary of the Cartoon Brew blog. I thought it might be fun to celebrate by looking at who’s reading the blog nowadays, especially since we’ve been experiencing record-breaking site traffic since the beginning of the year. After examining the reports on Google Analytics (something which I’d never bothered to do in-depth before), I learned that the majority of visits to Cartoon Brew come through Internet service providers, which means that we have no idea of the company or educational affiliations of those readers. However, a not-insignificant percentage of readers visit from their jobs or schools and this is the data we’ll be looking at today.

In the period between January 1st and March 15, the top private corporate network that we received visitors from was Pixar, followed closely by DreamWorks, Disney, Viacom (Nickelodeon), Blue Sky, Turner (Cartoon Network), Laika and Electronic Arts. As far as schools go, the biggest traffic came from CalArts folllowed by Savannah College of Art and Design, School of Visual Arts, Ringling and Sheridan. In this two-and-a-half month period, Pixar employees snagged the top spot by logging over 3,700 visits. Averaged out to a daily figure, it amounts to quite a few readers emanating from just one company.

Some other surprises: There are a lot more readers at videogame companies than I knew we had. There are also lots of colleges and universities on the list that don’t have well-known animation programs, but apparently have significant numbers of students who are interested in animation. The amount of traffic we receive from people working at the cable channel Starz Encore is also perplexing. I have no idea why we’re so popular over there.

The list of the top 86 private networks driving traffic to the Brew can be seen after the jump. To keep it manageable, I’ve limited the survey to only companies/schools that have logged 100 or more visits between January and March. (Note: I took the info straight from an Analytics report so I apologize that the network names are uncapitalized.)

1000+Visits Since January 2009
1. pixar
2. dreamworks animation skg inc.
3. disney worldwide services inc.
4. viacom inc. (includes Nickelodeon)
5. walt disney feature animation
6. blue sky studios
7. california institute of the arts
8. turner broadcasting system inc. (includes Cartoon Network)
9. savannah college of art and design
10. school of visual arts
11. ringling college of art and design

Between 100 and 1000 Visits Since January 2009
12. laika inc.
13. sheridan college
14. electronic arts inc.
15. starzencore
16. twentieth century fox
17. lucas film
18. hallmark cards inc.
19. university of washington
20. activision publishing inc.
21. studio b productions inc.
22. university of pennsylvania
23. university of chicago
24. sony north america
25. apple computer inc.
26. noodle soup productions
27. sony online entertainment llc
28. university of southern california
29. starz media
30. new york university
31. university of south florida
32. rochester institute of technology
33. california 7 studios
34. kingston university
35. cal state fullerton
36. fx networks
37. microsoft corp
38. nbc universal
39. scholastic inc
40. emily carr institute of art and design
41. bent image lab
42. hampshire college
43. university of maryland
44. college for creative studies
45. the art institutes international
46. ithaca college
47. fox entertainment group inc.
48. academy of art university
49. texas a&m university
50. university of nebraska-lincoln
51. national film board of canada
52. longwood university
53. university of california los angeles
54. california state university network
55. cbs corporation
56. san jose state univ
57. blur studio inc
58. oregon state university
59. oberlin college
60. fordham university
61. ohio state university
62. bradley university
63. north carolina state university
64. blitz games
65. ubisoft entertainment
66. lockheed martin corporation
67. filmakademie baden-wuerttemberg gmbh
68. university of dundee
69. calabash animation
70. wms gaming
71. university of california santa barbara
72. santa clara university
73. texas instruments
74. university of tromso
75. fuel industries
76. harvard university
77. kent state university
78. northern michigan university
79. vivendi universal interactive publishing inc.
80. nerd corps entertainment
81. university of lincoln
82. columbia university
83. stanford university
84. canadian broadcasting corporation
85. curious pictures
86. department of veterans affairs