Krakn Krakn

Digital Dimension Entertainment Group (DDEG) and Lex+Otis have teamed up to launch Krakn Animation, a studio that will provide pre-production and animation services for “premiere real-time 2d and 3d series and features.” It will have locations in L.A. and Montreal.

Who will head the new venture? Louis-Simon Menard, CEO and president of DDEG, and Jay Oliva, founder and CEO of Lex+Otis. The pair will serve as co-owners.

Jay Oliva and Louis-Simon Menard
Jay Oliva and Louis-Simon Menard

Who’s DDEG? The company started out in vfx in the 1990s and has since pivoted to cg animation, working across shows, games, and location-based entertainment. It is split into three studios: Meduzarts Animation (mature content), Saturday Animation (family), and Krakn. It co-produced TeamTO’s Mighty Mike and Ink Global’s Zafari, the first animated series to be rendered entirely with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Who’s Lex+Otis? A studio specialized in animation pre-production. Founded in 2018, it has worked on the Filipino series Trese, which recently debuted on Netflix, and is currently working on Ark: The Animated Series for the streamer. Oliva is a storyboard artist and director who has extensive experience working on Marvel and DC Comics titles.

Have the studios collaborated before? Yes: Meduzarts Animation recently worked on Netflix’s upcoming Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, which Oliva executive-produced. The studio will also work with Lex+Otis on the streamer’s upcoming Twilight of the Gods.

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