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Seven global creative industries companies have agreed to join forces today and formed a new network collective called Residence.

The multidisciplinary network of companies was established to build and nurture a creative ecosystem by supporting rising talent, encouraging creativity, and fostering community among its members.

Companies involved in the merger include:

  • Anyways Creative – London-based creative agency
  • Buck – International commercial and creative art, design, and technology studio
  • Creative Lives in Progress – creative career job placement resource
  • Giant Ant – Vancouver-based art, design, and animation studio
  • If You Could Jobs – creative job placement resource
  • It’s Nice That – design services company
  • VTProDesign – L.A.-based studio

While several of the entities are more traditional, commercial studios, the inclusion of job placement resources and digital platforms seems indicative of an ambition to cover a wider swath of the creative industry. The companies will keep their names, but are now all under the umbrella of Residence. Some will be integrated more into Residence’s network, led by BUCK, while others will continue to operate more independently.

According to Buck co-founder and CEO Jeff Ellermeyer:

We have arrived at a place where the culture of how we work is as important as what we deliver. In the shifting sands of creative services, we find ourselves at the right time and place to create a new network that champions this way of thinking.

Combined, Residence includes 735 employees across seven offices and six time zones. Collectively, the group has generated $170 million in adjusted revenue this year. Member companies will share infrastructure and benefit from federated finance, operations, and communications, while bespoke cross-company teams will unlock new creative possibilities and service offerings.

While the individual companies will continue operating in their current locations, Residence will be headquartered in L.A. and lead by:

  • Jeff Ellermeyer, CEO
  • Ryan Honey, co-chief creative officer
  • Orion Tait, co-chief creative officer
  • Wade Milne, chief financial officer
  • Madison Wharton, chief operating officer
  • Jan Jensen, chief talent officer

Following the launch of Residence, Emily Rickard will be promoted from chief production officer to President at Buck.

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