“Gravity” and “Frozen” Rule the VES Awards

The VES Awards, otherwise known as The Only Awards Show Where “The Lone Ranger” Can Win An Award For Something, were presented last night at the Beverly Hilton by the Visual Effects Society.

VES Awards Nominate Sandra Bullock as Best Animated Character

To acknowledge the crucial role of animators in the evolving world of filmmaking, the Visual Effects Society today nominated Ryan Stone, Bullock’s character in “Gravity,” for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live-Action Feature Motion Picture.

Alfonso Cuarón Thanked the Right People at the Golden Globes

Last night when “Gravity” director Alfonso Cuarón won best director at the Golden Globes, he began his acceptance speech by saying, “This is for the hundreds of people that made this film possible,” a reference to the film’s crew, including countless vfx/animation artists.

Ten Films Shortlisted for Visual Effects Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that the following ten films have been shortlisted in this year’s Visual Effects Oscar category.