Today saw the announcement of the nominees for the 2014 BAFTA Awards, which are the British version of the Academy Awards. The three movies competing in the animated feature category are Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me 2, Disney’s Frozen, and Pixar’s Monsters University; while the animated short category contains Everything I Can See From Here (Bjorn-Erik Aschim, Sam Taylor, and Friederike Nicolaus), I Am Tom Moody (Ainslie Henderson, who also won a BAFTA last year for co-writing Will Anderson’s short The Making of Longbird) and Sleeping With The Fishes (Yousif Al-Khalifa, James Walker, and Sarah Woolner).

Incidentally, this latter category has been retitled: previously known as Short Animation, it now goes under the name of British Short Animation (similarly, its live action counterpart Short Film is now British Short Film). This does not affect eligibility—for some time now, both categories have been open only to shorts with substantial British contributions—but it is worth noting that BAFTA has decided to make the localized nature of the categories more obvious. The eligibility guidelines have also been revised to include non-fiction shorts.

In addition, the largely-animated Gravity has received 11 nominations, including Best Film and Outstanding British Film; while Saving Mr. Banks was given the nod for five categories, Outstanding British Film amongst them.

A full list of nominees can be seen here.

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