Live Action “Toy Story”

Two guys made a live-action remake of Toy Story, shot-for-shot, using actual toys.

Steve Jobs Promotes “Toy Story”

Three months before Toy Story was released, Pixar owner Steve Jobs took to the stage at the SIGGRAPH conference and explained why the film represented a major leap in film technology.

2012 Animation Book Preview

The future of animation books, like the rest of the publishing industry, isn’t rosy. Page counts and print runs are shrinking, and …

“Toy Story” Collection by Bossini

Hong Kong fashion label Bossini has released a playful Toy Story collection. The Slinky Dog muffler looks especially fun. See the entire …

Toy Story Unleashed

Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody as you haven’t seen them before. Reimagined as action figure “badasses” by designer Luis Eduardo Vargas …

Crucified Woody

Reader Andres Silva shared with me this photo he snapped at a children’s playground in Ecuador.