iPad as an Animation Tool?


Like so many others, I was eagerly anticipating Apple’s iPad, but the device falls shorts in many areas, including in its usefulness to the animation community. As it relates to animation, it appears to me that its two biggest deficiences are:

– lack of stylus input, which means no animating on the device

– lack of Flash support (in other words, no viewing animation on Vimeo or Newgrounds, no Flash on websites, and no ability for playback of your own Flash animation)

The absence of these two on the iPhone is inconvenient, but to have them missing on the iPad is inexcusable. Flash, in particular, is such an integral part of today’s web browsing experience that I can’t imagine owning a full-screen device without that functionality. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the iPad specifically as it relates to animation. What are the possibilities and what could be improved upon in the next generation? Will you be buying one?