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Lost Marble, owner and developer of the Moho animation software, has released a new version, Moho 14. The tool has been used by Irish studio Cartoon Saloon on various productions.

Since purchasing Moho in 2020, Lost Marble has developed a new graphics engine for the software and revamped its suite of rigging and animation tools.

Here are some of the key additions and upgrades that can be found in Moho 14:

  • Graphics Engine: Moho 14 has a new and more powerful graphics engine that enhances performance and real-time rendering of effects, gradients, and blending modes and provides a preview close to the final render.
  • 2d Rigging System: A rigging system that allows artists to create skeletons for characters and objects quickly and with minimal effort. Tools in the system include forward and inverse kinematics, pin bones, constraints, automatic squash and stretch, and animation transfer.
  • Smart Bones: This feature changes characters’ behavior by allowing joints to bend without distortion. It can also be used to control levers for facial expressions, rotations, and body movements.
  • Liquid Shapes: A new feature in Moho 14 for animating organic effect like fire, smoke, explosions, and water.
  • Optimized Drawing Tools: Moho’s vector system has been optimized to ensure consistent shapes during movement. Users can draw directly in the software and apply brushes and effects.
  • Frame-by-frame Tools: Powered by the new graphics engine, Moho’s drawing tools, such as Freehand, Blob Brush, and Eraser, are quicker and more responsive.

In a release, Lost Marble president Victor Paredes explained:

Moho 14 represents a significant milestone in our journey to empower animators and artists with the most advanced and comprehensive 2d animation software available. We’ve listened to our community and traditional animators and have leveraged cutting-edge technology to bring forth features that truly elevate the animation experience. Moho 14 is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in 2d animation.

Moho Pro 14 is available now for a one-time price of $399.99. The slimmed-down Moho Debut 14, intended for beginners, is available for $59.99. Details for each package can be found on Moho’s website.


Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang is the Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew.