Procreate has expanded its animation features in its latest Procreate 5 release. The popular iPad illustration app first added an export to GIF option in an earlier 2019 update.

Procreate 5’s Animation Assist expands on the current GIF Layer Export feature with more flexibility. Animation Assist now provides a frame-by-frame timeline, allowing users to play and pause their animation while working on the canvas. Frames can now be reordered directly through the timeline. Users can also set foreground and background layers.

Other animation features:

  • Onion skins allow users to see animation layers. There is also color coding on the onion skin (red for previous frame and green for following frames), with the the previous frame of animation becoming a faint layer.
  • Hold Frame allows for pauses in the action of the animation.
  • Animation can be played as a loop, one-shot, or ping-pong (forward, then reverse).

Here’s a look at tests that animators have been creating with the new version of Procreate:

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Amid Amidi

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