"Regular Show: The Movie" poster. (Click to enlarge.)
“Regular Show: The Movie” poster. (Click to enlarge.)

In perhaps another sign that cable television just doesn’t mean what it used to, Cartoon Network will release Regular Show: The Movie “via electronic sell-through” and DVD in advance of its television premiere.

Along with today’s trailer release, Cartoon Network announced that Regular Show’s first feature-length film will be available September 1 for digital download, and October 13 on DVD, but it isn’t yet announcing when exactly in November Regular Show: The Movie will debut on television.

That nudges fans of Mordecai and Rigby’s forthcoming time-traveling odyssey further towards Internet portals like iTunes and Google, while allowing space for the collectors who are left in the DVD market. Director (and show creator) JG Quintel’s 70-minute feature will also offer bonus content and commentary across all platforms, including Xbox, Amazon, Vudu, and Playstation, for a limited time. Warner Home Video is handling DVDs.

Regular Show: The Movie finds its slacker antiheroes trying to save the universe from a Timenado, and beat their old high school enemies in the process.