Adult Swim isn’t playing around with their latest series The Shivering Truth, which, judging by its new trailer released this week, looks like a legitimate creepfest.

The stop-motion anthology debuts December 9 at midnight. It’s described in this way by the network:

The Shivering Truth is a delicately crafted, surreal anthology comedy, a miniature propulsive omnibus clusterbomb of painfully riotous daymares, all dripping with the orange goo of dream logic. It is a series of loosely-linked emotional parables about stories within tales that crawled out of the deepest caverns of your unconscious mind and became lovingly animated in breath-slapping stop motion — in other words, it is the TRUTH.

The series was created and written by Vernon Chatman (co-creator of Wonder Showzen and Xavier: Renegade Angel). He also serves as director with Cat Solen.

Shivering Truth is executive produced by Solen and PFFR (the Brooklyn-based creative collective that Chatman founded with John Lee, Alyson Levy, and Jim Tozzi). The animation studio is Shadowmachine (Bojack Horseman).

The series pilot, available to view in some regions, features the voices of Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Starlee Kine.

Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi is Cartoon Brew's Publisher and Editor-at-large.