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Burger Ad Bliss

There’s something profoundly delightful about this early-Seventies Burger King ad featuring a mustachioed octopus selling Whoppers. It’s absent the high-concept pretensions of modern advertising filled with cooler-than-thou irony and sarcasm. I’d say it’s as genuine, fun and pleasant as a fast food commercial can be. Now someone please find the color version and post it online.

(Thanks, Dann Pryce, via Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page)

  • the Gee

    The BK Briefcase seals the deal. That was one serious octopus who just did his job.

    Is the guess that it was an East Coast production?

  • Deaniac

    “I can eat 4 Whoppers at once!” Well good for you, Mr. Octopus. Hope you enjoy getting a stroke!

    No but really, it’s a cute little commercial.

    • And yet the ad has to step back and suggest a plain regular hamburger to it’s 6 year old appetites (remind you the Whopper Jr. wouldn’t show up for a long while).

  • Everlasting Concubine

    You had me at “mustachioed octopus.”

  • Mel

    Looks very East Coast. Possibly animated by the same people that did the “Twinkie the Kid” commercials for Hostess back in the 1970s and 1980s.