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New Mickey and Donald Commercial Animated by Eric Goldberg [UPDATED]

Classical hand-drawn animation lovers can’t be too choosy nowadays. We’ve got to get our fix wherever we can find it, so here’s an Eric Goldberg-animated spot for the “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party” event at Walt Disney World. It would have been nice to see characters interacting with each other instead of parading in a row, but beggars can’t be choosers.

[UPDATE]: Here is a more complete list of animator credits for the spot:

Goofy: Frans Vischer
Parade Characters: Andreas Wessel-Therhorn
Donald: Russ Edmonds

(Thanks, Will Gay)

  • Roberto Severino

    Even though it was really short, it was still a brilliant piece of animation from Eric Goldberg. Hand drawn animation lives.

    • Bob

      Mickey’s face is off ?! If even Eric Goldberg can’t draw him anymore, all hope is lost

      • Brittany

        It could’ve been a clean up artist or something. I don’t think all hope is lost for 2D Mickey just because of a 2 second cameo. Even if it’s not perfect it’s still nice to see it being chosen over CG sometimes.

      • Uli Meyer

        I don’t think ‘Mickey’s face is off?!’? Mickey has gone through so many different design approaches and I’m sure the look here, as with the other characters, is deliberate and by a client. They look more like comic strip designs. Eric is a master draftsman and can adapt to different styles. If you don’t like it, that’s okay but I wouldn’t criticise Eric’s abilities . The animation is so fresh and alive, what a joy. I replayed it several times and will watch it again after writing this.

      • Gerard de Souza

        One shouldn’t be so quick to criticize unless one has an exhaustive encyclopaedic knowledge of Mickey and animation history as Mr.G. has.
        Mickey seems to be under constant evolution in the last 75 years.
        Virtually every Mickey Mouse short of the golden was an experiment in variation to obtain more appeal.
        To me, Mickey looks like the model from Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip IMO.
        One thing is certain, he looks damn appealing, not as though he was made using a geometry set. There’s no mistaking that is Mickey Mouse We’ve seen on-model characters to a corporations style sheet and frankly they look like sterile safe compliant zombies.

        Eric Goldberg is a master.

  • Kris Åsard

    Yay, four-button Donald!

  • This makes me miss traditional… that’s coming from a general CG fan.

  • michael swofford

    I’d love to see a good seven minute story done that way, with imagination and fantasy.

  • johnV

    Hand Drawn Animation!!! More please!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Has a cool retro feel in both the look and music.

  • anakinbrego

    Wow Eric you kicked so much ass animating Donald!!!

    Please tell John L. that the world needs another hand drawn animated film from the mouse!

  • ksquared

    i’m glad they didn’t fire him

  • Matthew Koh

    This is so cool. Even the fireworks are hand drawn!

  • greg manwaring

    Yaaaayyyyy!!! Thank you Eric!! classic to the hilt!!!! Glad they didn’t do this in that new style.

  • JB

    I have to say Goofy and Donald look especially fantastic in this. Very classical. Well done, Eric!

  • Jen Hurler

    I’m grateful to get to see even these small snippets.

  • Fan

    It’d be nice to get a behind the scenes video on this.

  • For I second, I thought the ad was animated by Richard Williams – which wouldn’t have been too far off consdering both Goldberg and Williams worked together in the 80s animating Superman PSAs and the Ziggy Christmas special.

    Either way, I’m grateful that people like Goldberg are still around to make high quality animation like this.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Not trying to be negative towards CG but this and the British John Lewis Animation gave me Christmassy warm fuzzies. The French Cartier commerical, no; left me indifferent.

    • IJK

      Well, both 2D works were also done by Disney artists who have been practicing animation performances that leave you happy and joyful, warm and fuzzy, or feel sad for the little cartoon rabbit. Wuold the French commercial be much better if it were in 2D, with exactly the same script and acting?

  • Kevin

    Goofy and Donald look like Eric did them…Did he also do Mickey and Daisy? The line work doesn’t look as fluid to me…

  • George Comerci

    Great to see that it maintains Disney charm <3 way to go!

  • 2D Animation is Great, But….

    Okay, so the quality of the animation is great in this little clip. However Amid, I think the “Beggars can’t be choosers” attitude, when it comes to hand-drawn classical animation is a false one. Boring content is still boring content. If we want people to actually go see a classically animated film in theatres, the film has to actually be interesting. The public does like hand-drawn animation, they would go and see it. Classical animation will remain sick as long as the best thing it has going for it are insipid commercials. I suppose there’s room for optimism though. There’s a lot of opportunity for talented artists to produce their own shorts.

  • Marbles471

    I love that this was done but I have to agree with those who say Mickey’s face is off. Maybe not so much “off” as using a surprisingly dull, geometric character model (with an unappealingly large snout of the sort you often find on generic merchandise like coloring books). I wouldn’t have expected that from an animator of Goldberg’s stature. It jars, since the other characters—including Minnie, for goodness sake!—-are much better looking.

    I LOVE that Goldberg put the buttons on Donald’s shirt. Apparently he’s a fellow button partisan! They removed the buttons in 1945 and they’ve only shown up sporadically since then. I’ve always felt his outfit looks incomplete and less interesting without them.

    • John A

      Mickey’s face had to be the result of a cleanup artist being forced to used an approved licensing image on every single frame. Mickey isn’t even allowed to close his mouth, fer gawsh sakes… he’d be drooling all over Main Street with his mouth open like that.

  • Semper_5

    Man, so much charm… great work.

  • Kristján Birnir Ívansson

    Some one has set the video private ;(