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Ottawa Animation ad campaign

The funniest thing I saw in Ottawa last week wasn’t on screen, in a theatre or even cartoons. They were the festival posters plastered on buses, mounted on walls and bannered all over intersections in downtown Ottawa.

HBS Marketing created this clever print ad campaign for the Ottawa International Animation Festival — which perfectly sums up my own philosophy of life. Click on images below and above to view at full size.

(Thanks, Kelly Neall)

  • Haha wow, it’s like the complete opposite of ______ Network’s ‘It’s not just cartoons anymore’ campaign you posted a while back.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    haha the first one is perfect.

  • Seann

    bravo. this sums up life.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Many social commentators have stated in the past that animation (cartoon) lovers should just “get a life”– if those posters signify what they were describing I should be in possession of, I’ll gladly donate my share for more cartoons, thankyouverymuch.

  • Huh. I live in Ottawa, and did a lot with the festival this year, but I never saw the one with the bus. Weird.

  • I loved these too! Thanks for putting them in the spotlight here, they totally deserved it.

  • Last years were very cool as well. “Five days of Saturday morning, minus the sugar crash/if mom had a better cable package”

  • david

    these are depressing to me. they have to try this hard to “sell” cartoons to people.

    i think bill hicks summed up marketing and advertising pretty well, thats how i feel about these posters.

    if the cartoons were good, the short films, they would stand on their own, no gimmicks necessary.

  • Twitch Jenkins

    Yeah, it’s clever.. but where the twitch are the flaggin’ cartoons?!?!

  • Ben

    I loved these too! Thanks for posting – I hadn’t seen all of them.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I wish they had a bit more color and some drawings to contrast the boringness of the real world. Maybe two pictures instead of one.

  • Nightmare Is Near

    This is the kind of world that Stuart Snyder and Robert Sorcher want to create.

  • So true!
    Life is not worth living without cartoons!

  • Pretty stark, but they get the message across.

  • eschallenberg

    thanks. i was the art director on these … loads of fun. and there were versions which featured specific screenings, complete with images of the films.

  • Thanks for post. I had fun making the photography for these ads both this year and last. Always great to have good ideas to work with and create something playful.

  • I’m surprised no one has mentioned CN yet. It could be an ad for them.