“The Story of Cholera” by Yoni Goodman “The Story of Cholera” by Yoni Goodman

“The Story of Cholera” by Yoni Goodman

Another in a series of stark public service shorts directed by Yoni Goodman (Waltz with Bashir), this one produced by the Global Health Media Project, on how to treat and prevent the cholera disease. Not for the squeamish.

  • Abu

    Starring the last subjects of animation not yet taken over by CG: diarrhea and vomit.

  • This is really a wonderful piece of animation. It’s gross and that’s amusing, but it takes a lot of skill to create a compelling 4 minute piece that provides information clearly and concisely, with characters that are relatable.

  • Kelly Toon

    I remember an article about this subject, how to get villagers to change their hygiene to prevent disease. The most effective method was to visually represent the germs with an odd color, such as the yellow blobs in this video. The villagers were very grossed out when they could visualize the germs in this way, and they started washing their hands! Much more effective than just saying “wash your hands so you don’t get sick.”

  • uh…

    Extremely well handled for such a serious subject matter. Kudos to Yoni.