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It was bound to happen. A reality show based on animators making an animated film.

7200 Frames is seeking independent animators from around the US with ideas for a short (five minute=7200 frames) animated film. The chosen films will be fully funded and the process will be documented on video from start to finish. According to their website:

The documentary series will be about the artists and the behind the scenes process of the creation of the animated films, so the submitting artist must be comfortable appearing on camera. The artists must be able to draw, animate and direct — as well as commit to a 4-6 week exclusive production schedule. Interviews will be held in Los Angeles and San Diego in Summer 2009. Applicants must be 18 or older.

Animators must submit portfolio or reel AND live footage of the artist describing his/her film idea. This live interview should be no longer than five minutes. All submissions are due by June 26, 2009.

Animators will be considered for this project during judging sessions that will take place during 2 days in LA and 2 days at the San Diego Comic Con (the producers have reserved a boat behind the Marriot for the judging).

For more information and a trailer, check the 7200 Frames website.

  • Nick

    At least Titmouse is producing it. I’d be suspicious if it were some no name group asking for ideas. I heard about it through Animation Army, but they made it sound like it was film. So I’m a little confused. Will it be a documentary or a reality tv show?

  • bird bird bird

    Inevitable is right!

    I always thought a better idea for an animation reality show would be to get a Gordon Ramsay type character that goes around fixing animation studios, like he does with restaurants.

  • Esperanza

    Because Animators are SO photogenic. This will be a thrill-a-minute…

  • You know, I might actually check this out when it airs. I’m curious about what artists they’ll pick.

  • FP

    I’ll stay clear because I don’t wants to break they camera with 86-year-old animator goiter, or set foot in one of them “aero planes”. But, I’ll follow the progress with interest. It’s about time animators became horrid public theater, just like the syphilitic “reality” hoowahs on MTV.

  • OK, now we’ll find out who the real Chris Crockers, Pucks and Dramatic Chipmunks are among us. Like they won’t play this up for drama…they all do! Imagine all the production meltdowns, director/producer clashes..whispered rumors…seriously, animation is drama central. Just took ’em this long to find us!

    *Slowly raises dirty knife looking for next unsuspecting co-worker to stab!*

    *Sobbing deeply on bended knees..”They hated my scene!!!…sob….they just HATED it!!!”

    Chuck Jones wasn’t HALF the innovator that Clampett was! But he gets all the credit! *punch* *kick* *stab*

    Oye..too real.

  • Cynthia is describing what I’d like to see.

    Unfortunately, I have this feeling they’ll be arguing about things that have next to nothing to do with animation…

    I mean, they might make it like The Real World, with relationship drama and stuff.

    Or hey, maybe it will open people up to how animation is done, and put an end to the attitudes people have, like, “Gee, I wish I could draw all day for a living, that sounds fun,” or the attitude that live action should be taken more seriously than animation, etc.

  • ECJ

    A 4-6 week production schedule for a 4 minute film! Does that seem like an unrealistically short amount of time or am I just slow?

  • walty

    might be able to make a bad animatic in that amount of time.

  • Duey

    I would enter but who would want to look at me in my underwear? Or how would they fit a camera in the closet that is my studio? Hey its only 720 frames in 4 to 6 weeks, ship, it’s 7200 in 4 to 6 weeks? WTF. Silly of me I’ve stop using drugs a long time ago but now I know who does. People with cameras that make crappy reality tv shows.

  • JPilot

    What if you have a great idea, but a face suited best for radio?
    You have to be over 18 (and under 30, just don’t advertise that!) to participate.
    Or as Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy said in 30 Rock to a slightly plump Jane Krakowski:” You either have to lose 20 lbs or gain 80lbs. Anything in between has no place on television!”
    If you ever had these corporate video camera tours for “bonus material” at the studio you’re working on and have been either, avoided, cropped out or edited out entirely, don’t even bother with this contest. (Yes, I speak from experience (sigh!).

  • not impressed

    If the ultimate goal of this project were to make quality films, then the core documentary concept could potentially be fantastic for folk with an interest animation production. Similar to the NFB ‘Hothouse’ program, perhaps.

    HOWEVER… They’ve done such a misguided, halfa** job of presenting the project here that we might already sense it’s going to be junk — if it even gets completed and released at all.

    How many people are they recruiting? Will it be one team working on one film — or several individuals making several personal films? Who are the people featured in the clip? Has the documentary project already begun? Who has rights to the completed animated project? Who has rights to the *submitted* ideas? Does “fully funded” mean they’ll simply provide a computer and a desk to use, or will the project actually support (i.e. “pay”) the animator while they’re involved? What sort of strengths/styles are they seeking? What is the target audience for the final animated projects? And who in the heck are the documentary principles and why should I believe that this is going to be a successful venture? (I know, I can try my own Google investigation… but they didn’t even officially introduce themselves beyond a titmouse sponsorship logo on the ad-reel.)

    And the free-hosted web page is about as low-class as a presentation can get! ~~ yet they’re renting a boat at ComicCon for judging submissions. What a waste of money with relation to the venture! (Other than for the titmouse folk, who surely will have a swell time. )

    The real indicator here is that they practically only mention ‘portfolio/reel’ as an aside, but they make an extra effort to emphasize the inclusion of a live pitch. So, as mentioned in some of the other posts here, this says to me that they’re only interested in inciting and capturing some drama. And the sure-fire way to do that is to cram an eclectic mix of volatile personalities into a small stuffy room for a long period of time, stress them out with overwhelming demands and underwhelming creative support and then let them spar and complain into the cameras. (titmouse’s own personal ant farm for amusement.)

    I agree with ECJ that 4-6 weeks probably isn’t enough time for strangers to band together and make a high-quality piece of work, so it would seem like a waste of everyone’s creative time and energy, right? …But who cares about the final animation and film, this is about making a juicy reality show.

    Lame and exploitative.

  • Will they me given a crew for the 4-6 week period? I agree with ECJ alone 4-6 weeks seems like an unrealistic amount of time for one person and 4 minutes. Maybe it is my naivete?

  • Jonathan

    John K should sign up. He would make great TV.

    Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. I love “Hell’s Kitchen” but most of the chefs end up looking like fools. I can only imagine what that does to their careers.

    John K would make them look like fools.

  • Aerial Flyer

    I can’t even produce “one” minute of animation(*script, boards, design, animation,ect.) in 4 weeks.

    This gotta be be a joke.

  • badjoojoo

    If you animated a mere 17 frames a day, 7 days a week, without taking time out for trivialities like writing, designing, shooting, recording sound, editing and making mistakes, you could do it in the 6 weeks alotted.

  • badjoojoo

    Pardon the bad math in my previous post. It should read “a mere 17 frames an hour”.

    Assuming a 10 hour work day.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Welcome to Television: where bad ideas flourish and interbreed (or is it in-breed) culminating in something people with no active grey matter will watch. Is it any wonder I stopped watching TV in any significant amounts years ago?

    The 21st century has seen the end of the automotive industry (at least the 800 lb. gorilla variety of it) and big media companies are soon to follow. Frankly, I think no one will miss them one bit, save the foolhardy souls who got into those businesses in the first place.

  • This is cool. So you may look like an jerk on television…you get to fund your film project! But I agree that 4 weeks is not enough time to complete much animation…So maybe this is no good.

  • rex the runt

    Channel Four in the UK did it years ago – when they were big on supporting animation and trying to find a wider audience for ‘auteur’ driven films. But ‘Celmates’ was as deeply dull as six people stuck in a room drawing the same things over and over again could be.

    Reality shows need tensions and rows and large, loud, rediculous people battering each other down with their unyielding opinions, not a mild mannered gang of gentle Nick Parks. Hmmm, wonder if John K fancies a gig?

  • christy

    you guys are all such pessimists!
    if someone gave me some resources and the money to make a short in 4-6 weeks (even two people with work stations!!!) i’d go at it psyched and try to make something awesome!
    you’re also comparing this to something like a fox tv reality show-this is titmouse-(you guys know its an animation studio right? what animation studio would want to make fools out of a bunch of animators?)
    they’re a great bunch of people who make awesome cool animation-maybe i’m wrong, but i honestly don’t think they’re out to screw/make fools of people-they love animation-if anything they’re prob out to show the ups and downs of doing this kind of thing and how hard/involved it is to make a short animation and give it some respect-its more akin to something on IFC than Fox or Bravo…my speculation is just as uneducated as yours, but you all like to jabber-jaw so much and i feel like you have no clue what you’re complaining about.

  • There are enough prima donas in animation to make this work as a TV pseudo-drama. The trick is to select two random people as co-directors. I was actually sitting on my porch the other day thinking “I bet I could make a reality TV show based on animators that could be fun to watch. It can be such a political biz filled with egos and ultra sensitive types.” Then I remembered that I want to make the world a better place for my having lived in it, and something about being a reality TV producer who exploits people’s faults and failings for entertainment value doesn’t quite line up with that mandate. Oh well. It’s so much easier to get filthy rich when you have no scruples. heh.

  • Rex t Runt – yes, in actualy fact two of them, leigh and steve, ended up getting married too! Anyone who says our animation industry over here is boring should take another look. woohooo!

    I think this programme looks great especially for up and coming aspiring artists etc… It will probably be really educational for people who don’t know how a film is put together and hopefully benefit students for the future.

    Optimism ho!

  • Nate

    The concept would deliver well if they gave Fred Mertz meth and a hammer in a room full of development execs.

  • yep, he just drew another frame… zzzz