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Animator Featured in Elle Girl

Julie Pott

In an impending sign of the apocalypse, Elle Girl magazine published a story about a female animator. The artist is Julia Pott, who provided a photo essay about a day in her life. Granted, it’s the Korean version of Elle Girl, but I’ll take anything we can get. Stories about female animators in the mainstream media are virtually nonexistent, particularly in any kind of contemporary fashion-forward context, so this can only be considered a step forward.

  • My girlfriend gave me an article several months ago from Cosmo that had a profile on a woman working at an animation company in Japan. The hours were noon – 11pm and she slept under her desk, man I can’t wait to work like that in the states :P

  • She even posts her films online, amigo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4drkp-ZS474

  • Robert Schaad

    Nice animation and attention to little details in both the facial expressions and the audio/ambiance.

  • celia

    Anyone who makes videos about Casiotone for the Painfully Alone can’t go wrong in my book. Her films are sweet and bewitching. I congratulate her for having such an original style.

  • Sat

    I loved this “Howard” short film. Amazing!

  • I love her work! She should’ve been in that article about the 10 animators to watch out for.