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Bruce Timm Steps Down As Warner Bros. Animation Supervising Producer

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Cartoonist Bruce Timm has stepped down as supervising producer at Warner Bros. Animation to develop his own projects. He’s been replaced by James Tucker, a veteran of Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League and, more recently, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

It’s the end of an era.

(Thanks, Paul Burrows)

  • K.

    I look forward to the personal projects he’ll be developing and where he goes from here. Good luck Timm!

  • Bruce is a giant talent… Bad for WB, good for Bruce.

  • Sad to see him go, but I have complete faith in James Tucker. I hope we’ll see Timm’s original projects soon.

  • Jenny

    This can only be great for Bruce. He had an unprecedented run at WB, for obvious reasons. Looking forward to anything he does next.

  • Ara

    At first, I was yelling, “Nooooo!” But now that I’ve read that he’s leaving to work on personal projects, I feel a lot better. Right on, Bruce!

  • Toonio

    Bruce Timm is a bad ass powerhouse of animation production. However him and Warner need a change to keep them both on track to awesomeness.

    Any idea who will publish a biography like book about Bruce?

    • Chris

      Modern Masters: Bruce Timm book is already published.

  • Pedro

    Warner Bros has to stop making superhero shows and create new content.

    • Funkybat

      Agreed. It seems like they have completely abandoned the ambitions of the 90s where they had animated projects that were comedy-focused rather than superhero-action oriented. The only WB-produced comedy cartoon series I can recall from the past ten years were Baby Looney Tunes, Loonatics, Duck Dodgers and the Looney Tunes Sitcom….er…Show. And of course, it seems after The Iron Giant that they are completely scared off of feature animation. It seems like most of the “funny stuff” in the 2000s has been produced through Cartoon Network/HB studios.

      As for Bruce Timm moving on, I can’t exactly call it “the end of an era” because for me, the end of Justice League Unlimited and the DCAU that had a consistent style and internal continuity seems to have ended then. The movies produced since then have been fine stand-alone films, some of them excellent, but they all vary in style and tone. It will be interesting to see what WB Animation does with the DC characters now, I doubt they will abandon them. Perhaps they will try to tie future DC animated projects in with whatever feature film universe they are trying to build.

    • dood

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  • shadypotential

    Damn. Him and Paul Dini should be in charge of WB’s Justice League and all their superhero movies just like Whedon is doing at Marvel. Those two heads would manage and produce amazing live action films and actually bring the heroes alive the right way instead of getting trash like Green Lantern and Superman Returns!

    • Funkybat

      That would be great news for the live-action features. My reservations about that plan are that there seems to be a trend these days for talented animation directors to leave animation behind to pursue big-budget live action movies, to mixed results. I am not saying that animation directors can’t make the jump, but that if they succeed in making a hit live action film, they seem to look for more live-action projects and forget about anything else animated. Still, if WB really wants to develop an interlocking DC Universe for film the way Marvel has done, they would do well to get Bruce and Paul together on it. It would be especially cool to see them try a whole new version that doesn’t necessarily repeat/tie into the previous DCAU but has their sensibilities for the characters and storytelling.

  • James Madison

    It is an end of a great era. Sad to see Bruce leave but excited about new projects and also what James Tucker has in the works.

  • Paul M

    The recent cancellation of Clone Wars, Green Lantern and Young Justice has left a void on TV for good action-adventure cartoons. Hopefully animation sensei Timm’s departure from WB may result in some kick ass cartoons to fill that vacum, without being shut down too early by WB or the hated CN.

  • Lance

    Bruce Timm owes the world nothing. The second chapter is completely his to write.

  • cckrad

    bruce timm kinda looks like elton john…

  • Troy Reyes

    love bruce timm!! i wish him all the luck in the world! just wish i could work with him!

  • the Gee
    • AmidAmidi

      I don’t know how other sites reported the story, but Cartoon Brew never reported that Timm was leaving WB Animation, and neither did the original report on Comic Book Resources. The only news is that he is stepping down as supervising producer to develop his own projects.

      • the Gee

        That’s true.
        I didn’t mean for it to seem like I was bringing it up for that reason.

  • Michael

    Good luck to Bruce Timm- I’m sure he’ll stay on at Warner Bros. as a consultant, helping with the transition to James Tucker as supervising producer. If Timm decides to freelance, he’ll be available, even to Cartoon Network Studios and other potential clientele. In the meantime, it’s time for James Tucker to put his own imprint on upcoming Warner Bros. animated programs, set to air on Cartoon Network.