“Everyday Hulk” by David Stodolny “Everyday Hulk” by David Stodolny

“Everyday Hulk” by David Stodolny

David Stodolny (we previously posted his spoof Harrey Podder) is an animator for Dreamworks who makes funny stuff like this in his spare time:

  • The extra roll on the back of the pot is the best bit.

  • This was wonderful. I remember watching “Harrey Podder” a few months ago and was very impressed by Stodolny’s work. I was wondering when he would finish his next short.

  • o__0

    He didn’t wipe…

    • Koopagirl

      He didn’t flush. D:

  • Hulk

    It’s like he looked at my life and copied it. How do you think I got this nickname? Seriously though, Awesome work!

  • tjr


  • Satya Avinash

    Spare what?

  • BillyPolard

    Why didnt he just use the roll that’s on top of the tank? Hahah.

    Guess that slipped by.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Someone on YT already mentioned Mad Magazine did a similar joke over 30 years ago, yet the animator felt proud that his at least “moves”, I’ll give him that, and very well to boot!

  • Dan D


  • Love it!

  • I guess the tub wasn’t hooked up to any plumbing…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I was hoping for some squirting pipes myself.