“Everyday Hulk” by David Stodolny

David Stodolny (we previously posted his spoof Harrey Podder) is an animator for Dreamworks who makes funny stuff like this in his spare time:

  • http://www.kellytindall.com/ Kelly Tindall

    The extra roll on the back of the pot is the best bit.

  • http://deaniac.deviantart.com Deaniac

    This was wonderful. I remember watching “Harrey Podder” a few months ago and was very impressed by Stodolny’s work. I was wondering when he would finish his next short.

  • http://dailygrail.com/ Red Pill Junkie


    He didn’t wipe…

    • Koopagirl

      He didn’t flush. D:

  • Hulk

    It’s like he looked at my life and copied it. How do you think I got this nickname? Seriously though, Awesome work!

  • http://www.tjrmusic.com tjr


  • Satya Avinash

    Spare what?

  • BillyPolard

    Why didnt he just use the roll that’s on top of the tank? Hahah.

    Guess that slipped by.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Someone on YT already mentioned Mad Magazine did a similar joke over 30 years ago, yet the animator felt proud that his at least “moves”, I’ll give him that, and very well to boot!

  • Dan D


  • http://www.sibsy.blogspot.com Sabrina

    Love it!

  • http://www.paulcarhart.com Paul Carhart

    I guess the tub wasn’t hooked up to any plumbing…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I was hoping for some squirting pipes myself.