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In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, here are two photo galleries worth exploring:

  • As both an african american and an animator, these are great to see!

  • James Madison

    Thanks for posting this.

    • shadypotential

      you welcome 

  • John courtman

    great info, thanks for the post

  • Cel Therapy

    Awesome post. Thanks for showing this. It is good to know that black people have been working hard in the industry for a long time. 

  • wow, thanks so much for reposting this. It’s an honor to be among these folks doing something that before Dr King, my Grandfather could only dream about doing…

  • Adam Parker

    Thanks for posting this Amid, I also am an animator who is black. It’s encouraging to see such a wide range of people producing work. I hope to add to the great quality and diversity of work being produced by fellow animators. Thanks again.

    Adam Parker |

  • Christopher P. Lehman

    Nice! Thank you.