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Like Father, Like Daughter: Claire Keane Leaves Disney Animation

Ron Husband wasn’t the only Disney artist who left the company on September 20. Visual development artist Claire Keane also left Walt Disney Animation Studios on that day. She made the announcement via her Twitter account.

This was the note left on Claire’s drawing table the day she left the studio, courtesy of fellow artist Helen Mingjue Chen:

Keane, who made significant contributions to the Disney feature Tangled and worked on the upcoming Frozen, announced that she was leaving to focus on writing and illustrating children’s books. Her father, the legendary Glen Keane, left Disney in March 2012 after working there for 38 years.

She tweeted the following image earlier today:

  • Ju-osh

    Claire and Glen Keane’s distinctly different, yet wholly complimentary art styles make ‘The Art of Tangled’ book a sweet, sweet feast for the eyes. Want to give your eyeballs cavities? READ ‘THE ART OF TANGLED.’

    • Jeff Kurtti

      I agree. On all counts ;-)

  • George Comerci

    Wishing her the best of luck :)

  • Scott550

    She’s the next Sue Nichols. Great stuff, both.

  • Jay

    Seems like all the talented people are leaving the studio.

  • Stevers10

    Why did you leave..?

  • jeremiah

    Claire knows how its done! ..treadmill workstation..