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EXCLUSIVE: Full Text of Glen Keane’s Disney Resignation Letter

It’s the end of an era. This is the full text of Glen Keane’s letter sent out to his Disney co-workers within the last hour:

March 23, 2012

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the Walt Disney Animation Studio,

After long and thoughtful consideration, I have decided to leave Disney Animation.

I am convinced that animation really is the ultimate art form of our time with endless new territories to explore. I can’t resist it’s siren call to step out and discover them.

Disney has been my artistic home since September 9,1974. I owe so much to those great animators who mentored me—Eric Larson, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston—as well as to the many other wonderful people at Disney whom I have been fortunate to work with in the past nearly 38 years.

Over these four decades I have seen so many changes, but the one thing that remains the same is that we all do this because we love it.

I am humbled and deeply honored to have worked side by side so many artists, producers and directors during my career here at Disney, and I am tremendously proud of the films which together we have created. I will deeply miss working with you.

With my most sincere and heartfelt good wishes for your and Disney’s continued artistic growth and success,


  • wever

    …not a single negative comment in the letter itself. Very good.

    … now what does Amid’s “end of an era” phrase remind me of again?…

  • Rick Farmiloe

    Obviously very heartfelt….and sincere.

  • christian

    the anomosity that might have sparked his “resignation” is obviously not going to be coming from such a gentleman.

    i do wonder if or when the true reason comes out. twitter gossip at the ready…

    no one just leaves disney.

    • wever

      “One does not simply WALK…. out of Disney.” (Lord of the Rings reference)

      His health was deteriorating. Maybe that’s it?

      • J.M.Walter

        Right now that explanation for your LOTR reference is completely unnecessary due to that popular Internet MEME.

      • Glen’s health is fine. Floyd Norman told me that the whole “Glen’s health is failing” thing from around the time of Tangled was Disney PR malurkey.

      • Beth

        He had a heart attack, I don’t think that was Disney’s way of covering any kind of discord. He had to take the time off.

      • Steve

        Just one more reason not to listen to Floyd.

    • ocelotish

      Could it be with the change of traditional animation to digital animation? I know they changed Snow Queen to the CG Frozen, and I know of no other traditionally animated projects at Disney.

      • wever

        Disney 2009: “We’re going to release a new hand-drawn animated film every 2 years!”

        And people wonder why working in the entertainment industry is actually gambling…

    • I don’t agree that “no one just leaves Disney”. Why not?? It seems healthy. If Glen wants to explore or do his own thing, this is the way to do it.

  • Extraordinary. I wish Linda and Glen all the best.

  • Mimmiroo

    Maybe he’s starting up his own studio? That would be amazing :3

    • Matt

      that would be one of the best things to happen to animation in a long time !

      • Keryn

        Or is going to teach animation. That would be incredible.

  • Ripley

    One of the things Glen Keane worked on during his brief 1980s Disney hiatus was “The Chipmunk Adventure” feature. Once someone pointed out to the Bagdasarians just who he was, they wisely used some of the dynamic footage he had animated of Alvin, Simon and Theodore as part of their quickly redone “Chipmunks” TV main title, to spruce it up.

  • Rick

    Thanks Glen for all your inspiration, encouragement, and art that moves the soul. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you (and your fans)!

  • Killigan

    Excited and (not to be TOO negative) relieved he left the sinking ship before it was too late. The man deserves a break.

  • Jane Doe

    Glen Keane resigned?? 2012 really is the year the world ends.

  • Be Free

    Thank you Glen for all the amazing and inspirational scenes you have done and we are really looking forward to seeing what you do outside of the mouse house.

  • Jason Campbell

    He must have re-watched The Sweatbox.

    What an inspiration, I can’t imagine a post Keane Disney.
    Thanks for everything sir.


  • I hope he still has a lot of energy left for other adventures. Because I’d love to see more masterful work between him and others in the 2D arena. I still think there is so much unexplored there. Hats off to Glen’s courage. What a real loss for Disney and I hope they know that.

  • Joe Sandstrom

    Thanks for all the inspiration, Glen.
    Keep on inspiring.

  • Joe Sandstrom

    Thanks for all the inspiration, Glen.
    Keep on inspiring!

  • tim g

    to me glen is one of the greatest artist of our time….if their were a 9 new men….he’d be in there for sure :)….All the best Glen!

  • Handel

    Well….shocking but really if you think about it, it’s really not all that surprising.
    I just wish that he would have done it ten years ago.

    Good luck Glenn. I can’t wait to see what you do next.
    AND..thanks for the inspiration!

    • Me

      But we wouldn’t have had Tangled then, and I love Tangled, it’s my fave Disney since Beauty and the Beast. Guess what, I love Glen. Best wishes to you, wonderful sir. To Disney: WTF?!

      P.S. Maybe Glen can do something with Andreas Deja and Will Finn? Where’s Nik Ranieri and James Baxter? I long for more BeautyAndTheBeast-y work.

      P.P.S. Does this have anything to do with John Carter losing all those Disney millions?

  • Paige

    I know there is no chance of him seeing this, but:

    Mr. Keane, you have been my favorite animator since I was a child. The first movie I saw was “The Little Mermaid” at age one, and you inspired me to become an animator. Thank you. I wish you the best of luck, and God bless!

  • :- .

    Woah… what do you think Dreamworks gives him?

    • Creative control, hopefully. You only have so many years in a career. Life is short. If you want to create, you have to work in an environment where that is possible. Disney is not that place, and hasn’t been for years.

      • Elan

        >>Disney is not that place, and hasn’t been for years<<

        And…you're the authority on what happens at Disney?

        I disagree, and I've worked there for years. Glen has a vision, and he's ready to go out on his own. There's no need bag on Disney, especially when he clearly stated in his letter that he wishes nothing but the best for us. You disagree with Glen's wishes?

      • The facts are that Disney’s films have not been up to the same standards of the 2D films of the 90’s, and the visions that the creative people have had for projects have been second guessed in favor of the safer route. For instance, what could we have had instead of another Pooh film? The talents of too many people there are being spent on rehashes and safe films.

        I never said I was an authority, but facts are facts.

        Glen Keane can obviously do whatever he wants, much to the dismay of Disney.

      • Tak

        No, what we disregard is the lack of modesty for the man on the studios behalf. 38 years is a life time.

    • Steve

      There’s no indication at all that he’s going to Dreamworks.

      • Except he gave a talk there over the summer…and has had lunch there a few times…

      • Steve

        Oh, then it MUST be true!


      • Christian

        That’s because the lunches at DreamWorks are free.

  • Anonymous

    He’s not going to Dreamworks.

    • Man, you don’t know.

  • Did he use “it’s” instead of “its”? Did anyone else notice?

    • Dave

      You get a free pass on grammar for being an animation legend.

    • Christian

      I noticed and it bugs me when people make that mistake. I’m wondering if it’s Glen’s mistake or some subsequent editors. At least his resignation letter wasn’t riddled with the grammatical mistakes that are so common now with the advent of the Internet.

  • I’ll miss you…but thank you so much for all of your artistic creations… You have inspired a tons of persons over the world with your art.
    You deserved your vacations more then everyone!

  • 38 years is a long time to work at any company. Glen’s earned the right to do whatever he wants now.

    I want to thank Glen for all the amazing animation he’s given us and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

  • kenneth

    I am depressed and angry.
    Glen Keane was a source of great of inspiration for both my artwork and animation. With him gone and traditional animation gone, there is no beauty and imagination left in Disney Animation.

    On a brighter side, I hope Glen works for a different studio instead of retiring.

  • Bria

    Oh dear wonderful Mr. Keane. Whatever’s next for you, you’ll always have your art and your devoted fans. THANK YOU for fueling my imagination since I was old enough to watch movies. Looking at your work stops me in my tracks and makes my day better. It’s transcendent. Keep creating!!!!! We love you! Excited for you.

  • Mortamer Mouse

    Just another nail in the coffin Disney. First Andreas, now Glen Keane? Eric Goldberg is the last great there. Im sure he’ll be gone soon too. Thanks CG animtion for distroying lives and animation as we know it. All CG animators for the studios are all the same, nothing stands out anymore. Can we really look at a film and say that so and so animated that? Afraid not. France anyone? They seem to have their sh** together. The once hand drawn medium for Disney is gone. Well indi studios, it’s now up to you to come up with some features for hand drawn animation, but who will step up to the plate?

    • Elan

      >>Can we really look at a film and say that so and so animated that?<<

      I dont think thats a bad thing.

      • John A

        Well I certainly do. Even when I was just a kid I used to like to point out which animator was responcible for a particular scene. I know I’m not the only one. These guys have huge fan bases, CG animators? I can name the directors, but the people that did the work? they’ve been reduced to nameless, faceless, interchangable drones.

      • Adam Green (aka interchangeable drone)

        “I was surprised watching the finished film that *every* time a character was on the screen it was clear exactly who animated that character. Their fingerprint was there and the style of acting, also the face, their expressions… I saw their faces! Even if it was a man animating Rapunzel… I could see him through this girl.
        It was a surprise for me… that 2D and 3D animation have the same potential to use the individuality of the artist who animates.”

        -Glen Keane, speaking about Tangled animation, 2010.

      • Daniel Peixe

        Thank you for that mr Green..!

    • d. harry

      There IS a group of former employees about to explode on to the scene. The magic is about to return!

    • DCN

      I wasn’t aware Andreas had left Disney.

      • Beth

        Contracts don’t really exist at Disney so since there is no 2D on the slate for a little while Andreeas is taking time away to do his own projects. When Disney wants to make another 2D feature, Andreas could be back.

    • Um… Eric Goldberg isn’t at Disney either at the moment. From what I know, he was let go (as was Andreas Deja) after “Winnie The Pooh” wrapped.

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    Glen moved out of the Feature Animation building weeks ago, and now has Ollie Johnston’s old office in the old animation building (which now houses offices of talent and companies with various production deals and associations with the studio – including Don Hahn). While Glen may no longer be an employee of Disney Animation, I don’t think anyone should presume that he has completely severed all relationship with the Disney company.

  • Bria

    Also…will totally be along for the ride as you explore new frontiers in animation. DO IT!! GO GLEN GO!! Bring us back our precious 2D!!!

  • Deandra Harrison

    I remember hearing about this last year over at Blue Sky Disney. Looks like it finally came true. Sad, but I hope Glen finds what he’s looking for.

  • Happy trails, Mr. Keane. Thanks for the memories.

  • Anonymous

    To Killigan, Floyd Bishop, etc., you guys are completely wrong and way too negative for your own good!

    Seriously, people, stop overreacting, stop being possessive, stop reading into things and stop trying to spin things around!

    • Wherever he ends up, I hope he has creative control over whatever he is doing. It’s the greatest freedom an artist can ask for. How is that wrong?

      • Daniel

        I heard one of the things that Glen wanted to do was to do another Illusion of Life written by him, and it was Lasseter who stopped it from happening..

        .. after Brenda leaving and Glen resigning.. as well as Doug Sweetland.. and Bob and Aaron.. and Sam Levine.. hasn’t anyone connected the dots.. that they all left because…

        they as directors had no creative control over their films?

        Pixar’s leadership is just as bad as any other place.. I wouldn’t mind it but they *used* to preach it to the media that they were a artist driven environment.. and a director driven studio.. Ed Catmull actually is quoted saying. “In order for the notes to work, everyone must feel like everyone else’s note is equal to everyone elses.. But it is really up to the director to make the last call..”

        Ironically, it is Pixar’s boy’s club that is choking anything creative outside of their small circle.. and not some executive at DIsney!!

        this is a true lesson how ego and success can get to artist head and destroy this artform.. Andrew Stanton being a prime example of this!

  • KC

    Disney survived the loss of Ub Iwerks- they’ll survive the loss of Glen Keane—

    • May be true – however the Disney of the Iwerks era was something completely different from today’s Disney. Back then, the company was up-and-rising, with their best moments yet to come. Today it is just a stagnating white elephant more concerned with wringing cash off it’s existing properties than of being creative and outstanding. In that respect, Pixar stole Disney’s thunder a long time ago.

  • I am sure Glen won’t read this but when I was in Middle School I wrote him asking about how to get into animation. He was kind enough to respond and now I work in animation. Good Luck on where ever the winds of change take you!

    • Brittany Moore

      !!!! Do you remember how you were able to contact him? What his contact information was? I have been trying to write him for a while but cannot find how…especially now that he’s left Disney…

  • Glen left with class, but I’m sure the motivation behind his decision wasn’t much different from Milt’s when he just upped and quit!

  • akira

    i wish the headline was: “John Lassetter stepping down and giving the throne to the rightful heir: Glen Keane”

    hopefully Glen Keane will be able to use the advances in technology and his relationships with others of similarly under-appreciated and under-used talent to make short or feature length animation works at a sensible budget where artistry triumphs over commercialism!!!

    imagine how much it would cost to animate a feature where you don’t have to pay a-list voice talent, pop-star composers and “cutting edge” 3d animation enhancements.


    and if you put a film in the theatre in pencil test i’ll go see it 10 times and buy a blu-ray.. and you could make a fortune selling your rough pencil animation pages, too!

    • yesssssssssss please!!! we must stand for 2D and bring it back!! i’m on it and will keep trying by mixing techniques but using basically 2D ;)

      • Me

        I love 2D. The only thing is, when you read things Glen’s said in interviews, he’s chasing some kind of sculptural 2D-3D and the computer is a tool he sees as a way to get there. I don’t know what he’s after exactly, but I’m not sure this is all about getting back to old 2D. Though when I think about all the wasted talent out there from 2D days… go man go! I’m excited.

  • Matthew Koh

    Now we know how it feels when Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston left the studio.

    I wonder what Floyd Norman would say about this.

  • What needs to happen is Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Richard Williams and James Baxter band together and form their own studio.

    • JamLo

      Can we squeeze Chris Sanders in there? That would be a dream.

      • Sardonic Tuba

        “Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians.”

      • Jason Campbell

        How about throwing Brad Bird in the mix too?

        Times are changing, maybe some of the old guard are starting to realize they don’t need studios to do what they want and reach the masses anymore. I went to the round table with Andreas at CTN and he spoke of how Glen was trying to convince him of the value of the role he took on Tangled plusing the animators work educating them and guiding them and that Andreas should do the same but Andreas said he told him he wanted to be animating himself, and he told us he is on his own project at home.

        It’s a fan boy dream to see these guys come together and create without the meddling of the bowtie and suspender set.

        That is a magnificent dream, but I wonder if they see just how real the success could be.

      • Me

        Brad Bird! Oh dude! I just saw Iron Giant at LAAF 2012 — drove up from San Diego to see it — and Brad Bird and a panel of others from the film spoke afterwards. Iron Giant came from this seed of Brad Bird’s: What if a gun had a soul and didn’t want to be a gun? I actually cannot imagine what Glen and Brad might create together… but man… how cool could it be? What the world needs now…

  • Scarabim

    **I am convinced that animation really is the ultimate art form of our time with endless new territories to explore. I can’t resist it’s siren call to step out and discover them.**

    Which is as much to say that it can’t be discovered at Disney anymore.

    Damn, this is sad. The studio that refined and embellished the art of animation beyond the imaginations of most is now mostly a warehouse for “brands” – some of which weren’t even crafted by Disney (superheroes and puppets, jeez). Frankly, when I see the Disney castle logo (sans the name Walt, of course), I don’t know how to feel about it anymore. It used to mean magic. Now it means no more to me than does the Nike or Coca-Cola logos. Glen Keane is smart to get out now, while there’s still something meaningful about having formerly worked for Disney. Dream on, silly dreamer, indeed.

  • Jasmine Rossetto

    I was hoping one day… dreaming that I would get to work with him one day. He is my hero, and to me the greatest artist in the world. I am so grateful to have met him, to watch his movies and to have been inspired by his work.

  • I’d love him to start a Kickstarter project or something like that, he can fund a bunch of shorts on his reputation alone.

  • Phil Willis


    So Glen is finally free to come and work for me on my short film.


  • Matt

    Glen should go on tour.


    We’ll all fill up stadiums to watch him draw.

    • Christian

      He can call it the “Not Allowed to Be Awesome at Disney Anymore Tour” a la Conan O’Brien.

  • John V.

    OK I don’t want to hear anymore B.S. from any negative nancy, these guys and anyone who has worked at Disney before or Bluth Studios or Dreamworks Animation, Richard Williams Studio and Warner Brothers get together and make a masterpiece!!! Everyone go out and buy a Cintiq or any tablet to do your 2D work on! Skype each other while making this, keep the information flowing!!! Talent will come from everywhere to support this I kid you not!!!

    Lets go out with a bang, or a big revival that will astound the world!!!

  • Leo N. Hilzer

    Good luck and godspeed, Glen. I hope the fire in your belly to create is rekindled yet again. I look forward to your next project.

  • Tak

    Jeeze, there’s No Andreas Deja, No Glen Kean, No Tony Fucile, No James Baxter… hope Eric Goldberg still be there at DeezKneez. Meanwhile they’re making talented young 2D folk like Andrew Chesworth re-train in 3D-CG animation. Well at least they’ve got the good sense to actually keep someone like him in house rather than have him sit at home & do it at his own expense through Animation Mentor or I-Animate etc… like SOO many of the talented young folk who worked on Princess & the Frog have/are.

    I know there are more than enough Artists & folk at Disney who love & are Pro 2D animation (including Lasseter (ihope)) So hopefully future 2D endeavours won’t only be left to what folks like Minkyu Lee, Austin Madison (pixar)& Matt Williams (dreamworks) happen to get up to together in their downtime.

    Yes Disney, this is basically a great big love letter with a F*** YOU on the end of it. Get your act together. Diversity & capitalise on your artistic talent & people who can draw. Not all of them can work in the VisDev department.

  • BT

    Unless multiple sources have been mis-reporting things for years, Mr. Keane is very interested in computer animation. Is it not true that he was an early proponent of digital animation at Disney (having done that Where the Wild Things Are test with John Lasseter) and that he fought to keep Tangled (at that time Rapunzel Unbraided or whatever it was) as 3D when Lasseter tried to get him to switch to 2D?

    Although he didn’t stay on as director of Tangled the movie turned out great, very much in the Disney tradition and with an unmistakable Glen Keane look to its characters.

    I only bring this up because of the comments talking about him like he got pushed out of the company by computers and would want to be some kind of savior to 2D. At least from what I’ve read about him it doesn’t seem like that’s what he’s interested in.

    Anyway, the guy is amazing. He’s such a part of the Disney tradition that it’s sad to see him leave. We all want to see more drawing at Disney, and at that he was the best. But hopefully his talents will be put to good (better?) use wherever he’s headed.

    • Tak

      BT, did you ever watch that interview Glen gave where he spoke primarily in French about Tangled, the Disney Animation Studios & John Lasseter?.

      The man is all about DRAWING & its level of expressiveness. 2D animation & Drawing is as much about design as it is the animation itself, because its very basis exists as design on a frame by frame level. That’s why Keane says “If I was a 3D animator I think I would have to do the drawing, the modeling, and then the rigging… everything.”

      Like all good animators he really sweats his frames & seems none too impressed by the plight of the 3D animator “I was not sympathetic to their struggle” when they’re not nailing the shapes & design of their poses (because they’re struggling against using what’s there/given to e’m). Yes it’s hard, but it can only ever be good because it is hard! No matter the medium there are no excuses!

      And, for the time being anyway, there’s still an array of difficulties & a level of struggle that the cumbersome 3DCGI process imposes on attempting to marry the good old traditional animation process. Even Catmul admits to it as I remember him remarking “Is it easy [the process]? No. So we still have a ways to go.”…or something to that extent.

      Perhaps it’s all gotta do with PaperMan & this apparently coming new wave of animation & digital technique “hybridism”. Whatever the hell that means or is maybe the old guard simply don’t care for it. I mean, if you’re going to work in a medium as painfully inefficient as animation (mere seconds of footage per day) then you’ve gotta love the process, and the traditional 2D process, which intrinsically incorporates design & adds to the sense of ownership of the frames, goes a long way to fulfilling that for most of us openly biased curmudgeons who seem to prefer the illusion of form, depth & motion over their fully dimensional digital re-creation. (But hey, maybe we’re just shallo, flawed & “not up with the current trends & tastes of our time” in that way.)

      BUT who really knows!?!?! This is all just wild theories & speculation! What the hell do I know as someone just posting on the internet, herp-a-derp-a-deedle-dumb.

      • Matt

        The sentiment you give about a traditionally 2D trained Disney Animators thoughts about the CG animation process are scarily echoed in this interview with Russ Edmond over on the TAG blog. Straight from the horses mouth of a great Disney animator about the issues & struggles of CG vs the pencil.

  • Jenny Tripp

    Thanks, for all you contributed to making and keeping animation the vibrant form it is.

  • Jorgen Klubien

    Good luck Glen… while there’s still time for a new adventure.

  • Axel

    I agree with John V, for all those silly dreamers out there who think that Glenn K, Andreas Deja, James Baxter or whoever will join forces & become some kind of THE AVENGERS for animation. Grow up, that’s not going to happen, and give these guys a break, they’ve done already enough for animation. Instead of being passive and waiting for a “miracle” to happen, it’s time that the new generation has to step up (or maybe start by getting out of the couch first).

    • or maybe

      or maybe the new generation should stop drawing like high schoolers in the sides of their notebooks. And quit thinking that bad drawing is ironically cool when it’s not.

      • John

        What time is it?

      • Tak

        To get a real job… :^(

    • aspiring animator

      That’s what I’m working on. I love animation and want to be GOOD at it so maybe I can help get Disney back on track. If I can’t I’ll probably wind up sitting quietly in the art department doing character design stuff or drawing storyboards like a good little employee. It’s times like this that I wish I was a leader… and taller.

  • KS

    Good Luck to you, Mr. Keane
    hope you manage to get back on your feet, and we hope you
    continue to make the Magical 2D Animation your fans love in your projects as well as pursuing your other interests.

    Good Luck

  • Oh my God! i can’t believe he resigned! he’s my favorite animatior!! i feel kinda sad, but i guess it’s okay if he keeps making these wonderful works of art! i wonder what he’s gonna do next, but i know it must be something really amazing as always, anyway, i’ll always remember his works and keep loving them, and the next ones for sure

  • 张昌猛

    I like you!

  • Anonymous

    Personally I don’t feel it’s very classy that while people are bawling their eyes and getting are worked up about Glen’s departure that they didn’t even bother to care when Duncan Marjoribanks left and struggled.

    • John V.

      This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Andreas Deja left, who else has left?

      • Dan

        Duncan Marjoribanks is looking for work here’s his resume.

      • Tak

        I guess that just goes to show what the power of a celebrity status through frequent video face time, recognition of your individual art pieces, creating tutorials & design sheets for the in-house Disney team and a presence in PR and documentary videos will do for your career and ability to permeate the public consciousness as an individual (along with good work). On an unrelated example: Dennis Ritchie passed away in the same week that Steve Jobs did. One of them was a true genius, the other was a man who was majorly marketed as one… but I digress.

        There are many many talented artist out there & not everyone will become “Well Known” & highly celebrated. But as long as they make good work then we’ll love them all the more when we find them. And Duncan Marjoribanks work is very very good indeed. The Street Merchant from the opening scene in Aladdin has always been some of my favourite Disney stuff, & now I know whom to thank for it. Cheers Duncan!

  • Jason Campbell

    I know Dreamworks is a long shot but Shadow might be a project that has some appeal to him.

    Plus you know, free lunch.

    Then again he may just be taking time off to work on some 11 second club entries.

    • Imagine a voter upset where one BEAT Glen Keane…
      Never mind. That’s impossible, one does not simply out animate Glen Keane.

  • Tim M.

    Please, please, please open your own studio, Glen Keane.

  • (This is a repost of what I posted yesterday, but wanted to post it on this thread)

    When I started at Disney in 1982, Glen was the one we all looked up to…and continued to do so all the years he was there. I know he has some personal projects he would like to explore, and maybe some personal growth. He really raised the bar for Disney animation. His work always inspired all of us fellow animators. I really just wish him (and wife Linda) all the best in whatever he chooses to pursue. I thank him for his inspiration. I’m very sure we’ll hear from him again. Certainly the end of an era at Disney.

  • Floyd Norman

    They took Walt’s name off the logo.

    Why is anybody surprised?

    • Christian

      The fact that they would actually put effort into removing his name rather than just making it without in the first place is doubly disturbing.

  • S

    Thank you for the wonderful moments you put on screen Mr. Keane and good luck with whatever your future plans may be.

  • Floyd Norman

    I sadly, but respectfully understand Glen’s departure. Disney was once a studio for artists. Despite their lip service to the contrary, that’s no longer true.

    • dizbiz

      They care about espn and abc dramas, not animation. they could make lots of money on animated films and they are sitting on gold, but they live in fear.

      • Steve

        Despite Floyd’s comments to the contrary, this Disney artist feels fulfilled and creatively challenged every day. Working side by side with Glen is one of my all time favorite memories, and I feel his contributions to the studio (along with the hundreds of other talented folks) has made it an amazing place to work and grow in my career. I truly dont comprehend the negative Disney-hate here. Maybe the majority of people here are responding to corporate Disney, and not the Walt Disney Animation Studio?

      • Tiny Tim

        Thats great for you Steve, too bad there are many of us who wanted that chance but will be laid off and the end of Ralph…

  • i’ll never forget his work on Disney, and i’m definatly looking foward to see whats he gonna do next :D
    i even drew him XD:

  • Brandon

    With Glen Keane gone, does this mean no more barefoot female characters in Disney films?

    • droosan

      Aurora was dancing barefoot in the forest when Glen was just a tot.

  • bob kurtz

    my best to your new adventure,glen.

    • Matthew Koh

      I’m really glad that you made him sell dog food.

      • Jorge Garrido

        I’m really glad you provided him employment, Mat- oh, wait.

  • Tim Hodge

    Glen did an interview years ago, during the Beauty & the Beast era, where he talked about how he got into animation by mistake — that his portfolio was inadvertently submitted to the animation school at CalArts rather than the fine arts school.

    In the same interview he said that he had let the studio heads know that when animation held no more challenge for him, that he would go.

    I am supposing he is merely holding true to his word.

    This is not the end of an era… it’s the beginning of one.

  • Thanks Glen for your beautiful animations and inspiring work!!It was a pleasure to meet you and had the chance to thank you in person, especially for Tangle, where the 2D-3D are so well blended. Still I hope you keep surprising with new projects, lectures …i wish you have done this before but never is too late…all the best!!!

  • Adam

    Isn’t Andreas Deja still at Disney? Here’s a cartoonbrew as of March 9 that still refers to him as a Disney animator, and I’ve heard nothing to the contrary since then!

    Why do people keep saying he’s left??

    • Kartoonz Kritik

      Andreas took a “leave of absence” from Disney earlier and has been concentrating on his own personal projects and fine art.

  • I work at Disney and am biased for sure, but the last year has been nothing but creative heaven for me personally. All the talk about creativity and artists being absent from the company or the industry is just uninformed… or maybe willfully unaware. Glen is an inspiration and he will do great things. I can’t wait to see his passion project,his “man who planted trees”… whatever it turns out to be.

    • Daniel

      what about all that talk of director’s who lose creative control over their films? what about all that talk about a director driven studio? what about Lasseter forcing ron and john to do princess and the frog( his own idea)? or throwing more money at king of the elves (a film he seems to push for but no else believes in)? how many directors have left pixar and disney because of their lack of creative control in order for you to get the picture that talented artists are absent and leaving? How many great hand-drawn animators have left disney during the last year? mayebe I can spell out a couple for you…

      1. Chris Sanders
      2. Dean Debois
      3. Bob Walker
      4. Sam Levine
      5. Brenda Chapman
      6. Glen Keane
      7. Doug Sweetland
      8. Tony Fucile
      9. Joe Moshier
      10. Lou Romano
      11. Andreas Deja
      12. Bruce Smith
      13. Aaron Blaise
      14. Mike Surrey

      that list above is a HUGE chunk of what was the creative talent at Disney Feature..(and Pixar)..

      Is it just me, or are you the one who seems misinformed or willfully unaware?

      • Steve

        A director driven studio means “not-executive” driven. It DOESNT mean carte-blanche control. A studio like Disney or Pixar is not going to sit idly by while a film burns to the ground. A director is given many times to make a film, and is removed as a last resort.

        Hand drawn animators leaving is a completely different discussion. Of the people you named here, some of them couldnt do CG (despite their best honest efforts) or got better offers to direct elsewhere. Yet others saw the writing on the wall that 2D isn’t making money like it used to (yet another discussion) And yes, some of them crashed and burned in the director chair.

        And yet, none of those things has ANYTHING to do with whether or not Disney is creative anymore. Some of the best animation in the world has come from The Walt Disney Animation Studios in the last couple years. So yes, maybe the “creative people” at Disney arent the famous names you’re used to. There’s new ones now, Patrick being one of them. You’ll be seeing more of his name in the future.

        So, tell me again, who’s unaware?

      • Daniel

        First, I did not mean carte-blanche control.. I actually agree with how the notes should work in theory.. watch these videos where Ed himself explains it..

        .. now is this happening at Disney? It’s a well known fact that this did NOT happen with specifically Glen, Brenda, Doug Sweetland, Aaron Blaise and Bob Walker, Sam Levine on their films..

        It’s also very debatable if they “crashed and burned” or if it was simply against Lasseter’s vision for it… and if you haven’t seen the reels and heard the notes from the brain trust you obviously shouldn’t even be talking whether these directors crashed or not..

        If you want me to break it down how this effects Disney from being creative anymore…

        1. look at the films that have come out recently. Bolt, Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Cars 2, Monsters Inc 2, Planes, Tinkerbell, even Tangled…. all very generic.. unimaginative.. and yes.. nothing surprising.. basically NOT CREATIVE

        2. Tangled’s inspiration came from DISNEYLAND.. there’s nothing more generic then getting inspiration from your own themepark.. NOT CREATIVE

        3. just look at the character designs for Princess and the Frog or Flynn from Tangled.. Water-down versions of other disney characters… NOT CREATIVE

        4. also, the people I listed are the few artists with balls to say something against Lasseter’s opinion.. Most of the directors are just yes-men.. NOT CREATIVE

        5. Did I say that they are doing Tinkerbell movies? How uncreative can you get when you use a character out of context with the premise of Peter Pan and decide to make it’s own world? Marc Davis would turn over in his grave if he saw those films..

        .. should I keep going?

        also, the fact that recent Disney Animation is the best animation in the world is completely your own opinion.. Honestly, the animation for Tangled wasn’t even that great compared to what they were doing in Sleeping Beauty, and without Glen Keane or Bruce (who was hand-holding the modelers, riggers, animators by drawing over there stuff constantly on that film), they’ll be definately going backwards in quality on their next films…

        Walt Disney Animation Studios is definately not a BRAND, but it’s made up of individual artists (some more responsible for it’s success then others), and the fact it’s losing some of it’s best talent to mediocre ones that are too afraid to disagree with John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, the brain trust..etc it will become LESS CREATIVE!

      • aspiring animator

        The idea for the Tinkerbell movies came from a book by Gail Carson Levine called FAIRY DUST AND THE QUEST FOR THE EGG. It’s actually a great kid’s book. What they did is have other authors write short stories about the characters from the book, then took those characters, stripped their personalities, rehashed them, and put them in movies.
        As much of a cop-out as they are, the Tinkerbell movies do suck a bit less than the direct-to-dvd sequels plot-wise.

    • aspiring animator

      Is it getting better than in the sequels era, because most of my living memory is the epic trainwreck that was that time. Seriously, I was about eight when I saw Cinderella 2 and it made me want to punch someone. this is coming from someone who was a nonviolent girly-girl at that age.

  • Talita Fukumoto
  • Dan

    I say fire Lasseter as the chief creative officer and give that position to the right man, Glen Keane!

  • Recently, Glen spent the better part of an afternoon with some of us creative folks at The Disney Store headquarters in Pasadena. He is a genuinely warm, humble and generous man. A class act all the way.
    He regaled us with stories about working with the Nine Old Men, what inspired his designs for Ariel,Tarzan, Beast, etc. and handed out drawings like candy. It was a day neither I or my colleagues will ever forget.
    God Bless you Mr. Keane!

  • Ummm, couldn’t he simply wish to retire. He is 57 years old and had a health issues. Animation is stressful work with tight budgets and late nights, maybe he just wants to have a more relaxing life. Thank you Mr. Keane, you have been a tremendous inspiration.

  • Brad Constantine

    Good luck Mr. Keane!! You stayed way longer than you had to, and we all appreciate your attempts at preserving the atmosphere that you were trained in, most notably
    “the benefits of the exchange of ideas” that the studio was founded on. Animation is still a “handed down” art form, and many of the concepts that are used in both 3d and 2d will still need to be taught to the next generation. I will always the hold close the lessons I have learned from your lectures, and from your work at Disney! You are one of the greats!!

  • Brad Constantine

    Sleep in Glen!! No more 6am Sunday meetings for you!!Thanks for staying as long as you did, and for continuing to champion all that is Disney 2d animation. One of these days the execs will figure out that this is still a “handed down” art form, in which success comes from the benefits of the exchange of ideas.Let’s hope there are some more 2d projects in your future.

  • mike

    I’m putting my money on Adam Raccoon.

  • A terrific animator and a great step I think. Disney is no longer the place to be really is it ? I do not grieve for Glen or Disney, I look forward to the future and I hold hope for the animation community.

    • Steve

      Ironically, of all the major studios now, Disney is THE place to be. But there’s no proving anyone here of that, especially now.

  • Jim Wickey

    Good luck Glen. Wherever you go, may they have the common sense to give you creative control and directors cut. Your fans will follow. I have learned a lot from you, and know I will continue to. Keep the COL-ERASE sharp!

  • Pedro Nakama

    His father just past away. Any chance he’ll take over “The Family Circus”?

    • Brendan

      I kind of hope not. And by kind of, I mean definitely.

  • OtherDan

    He was bound to retire one day. I’m glad he’s doing it now while he’s healthy and can enjoy life after such a long and impactful career. What an amazing career and artist Glen is. I was sad not to have a chance to work directly under or with him when my window came, and I’m sure those young artists just getting in there are pretty devastated to be so close to that possibility of gleaning from him just when he decides to move on. He’s a great man. Best wishes Glen. You accomplished a lot at Disney and inspired many.

  • Mark Sonntag

    Sometimes to grow you need to leave the cradle behind. Hopefully he’ll do something of his own.

  • Luke

    Growing up, I watched almost all the Disney films. By far my favorites are the ones that glen had a hand in. Knowing he’s left scares me, & so do his words. When he says end of an era, did he mean for himself, or for animation. A lot of people have said that hand drawn films are dead, I’m almost starting to believe them. I think people have forgotten what that art form can do, the magic that it holds. I understand that Disney it runing a bisnus,& that it’s all about the money, but as my former boss would say,” the costumer is always right!!” & there’s still alot of costumers that want this product. I hope that one day, some one will bring back the magic of beautiful hand drawn films.

  • Baneofyourexistance

    Worked with him on two films as a character animator, in fact when myself and another artist thought we we’re going to get the boot after Beauty And The Beast, he said ” No ! You guys are coming with me on Aladdin “. An amazing animator ( with his own style ), peered over his shoulder as he animated on his stuff, over MY stuff. He works mainly in the straight-ahead method, thus the fluidity of his work. Master draftsman, honed after 40+ years. Could of slugged it out on any of the classic films Walt did with the Nine. He had a secret stash of Blaisedell layout pencils the studio bought out for him. If you were lucky, Joe Morris might give ya one. Best stuff in my opinion he ever did – the balcony scenes of Aladdin with Jasmine. Saw him recently at California Pizza Kitchen. He was drinking coffee with Linda…

  • Paul

    Greatest artist of all time