“Real Artists” by Tim Bierbaum “Real Artists” by Tim Bierbaum

“Real Artists” by Tim Bierbaum

Here’s the pilot for animator Tim Bierbaum’s new mixed-media web series about young artsy types living in New York City: Real Artists. Bizarre looking characters, live action backdrops, hand-held shakey cam, teen angst… it has an MTV Animation vibe written all over it. And yet I find it oddly appealing – and worth a look.

The show is part of Ashton Kutcher’s Dream Bigger program, produced for the Thrash Lab You Tube network.

  • I thought it was fun, and liked the character designs. I think I know where Jerry’s MTV-lke comment came from. The animators talks about all the work of drawing 3 frames per character in every scene. Wow, three whole frames? Hey, NY filmakers. Isn’t it usually a lot of dialog anyway? He could probably do an animated version of some Woody Allen films this way.

  • D

    I liked it. The character designs were good and for once I actually didn’t mind the live action backgrounds, probably because there were no live-action people in them. The animation itself is pretty minimal but that suits the text driven nature and deadpan humour of the show well. I think I’ll keep watching this.

  • Aaron B.

    Heh, he said “booger play.”