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Weather Man


Soundac was the Miami Florida animation studio that did commercials, station IDs, and most famously, the first color cartoon for TV (beating out Hanna Barbera’s Ruff and Reddy by a few months), Colonel Bleep. Creative head Jack Schleh was the main artist and director of the studio, and the same year he was immersed in work on Bleep (1956-57), another job came into the shop: Weather Man.

Fran Noack was the studio’s top character designer and he, with staff artist Hal Lockwood, animated these incredibly cool, ’50s modern Weather Man spots which were sold to local news broadcasts around the country. Check them out. Each one is visually clever, with great graphics and cool lettering (and you gotta love that weathervane headpiece!).

(Thanks, Bedazzled!)

  • joecab

    Man I can watch these all day long. Look how much visual appeal they were able to pack in — it definitely took great advantage of being black and white. Gotta luv that Zipatone!

    I wonder how many they actually had to do to account for all conditions?

  • Thomas M.

    I just found a Bleep cartoon & watched it on the web. I wonder who the narrator is. It sounds like a Miami announcer or newsperson, but I can’t think of a name from 50 years ago. I watched the cartoons on local Miami TV then (sponsored by 7-11 stores). Even then, the toons looked so cheap, that I figured that they were made in Miami or elsewhere in Florida. Imagine my surprise today when I found out, that they were made here. I never saw the weather man films on Miami TV.

  • Charles Brubaker


    The narrator for “Bleep” is Noah Tyler.

    Anyway, great find.

  • this is a really cool article, thanks for sharing this information! It’s nice to hear about these smaller companies that never get mentioned about in animation history books–great job!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Thank you Jerry. That was wonderful.

  • Jerry, this is terrific! Have been out of town for a week, and just checked in to find you answering an age old question! I have an old 16mm reel of Weatherman spots, and have been trying forever to confirm my son Alex’s suspicions that some of the Soundac gang were behind them. There were many, many little episodes, and apparently each ‘condition’ was available in (I think) three different lengths… those great intros were only included in the longest versions. Love the little details like the use of the benday effect.

  • Robert Schaad

    Wow! I love the Soundac stuff…I’ve always been a ravenous Col. Bleep fan. Stills from the weather spots and Col. Bleep would make a fantastic coffee-table art book! Cartoon Modern 2??? (Apologies, Amid). I’d buy it in a second!!

  • Dave Gregory

    These are so great. Does anyone have any idea of who had the rights to these now?