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Gigantic Gigantor

Vistors to Kobe Japan will now be greeted by the sight of a 60-foot statue of Gigantor (Testsujin 28-go, to those in the know). This follows the unveiling of a 59-foot Gundam in Tokyo.

Not to be left out, Korea is building a gigantic Taekwon V statue (aka Voltar the Invincible), that will reportedly be more than twice the height of the Statue of Liberty.

Is there any chance we can construct a 60-foot Frankenstein Jr. in Manhattan?

(via Gizmodo, by way of The Beat)

  • Wes

    I saw they were selling cans of curry sauce with different Tetsujin artworks to help fund it. Love curry and giant robots!

  • There was an 82 foot King Kong in the 1983

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Oh Taekwon V, where will we ever be without your massive presence and excellent taekwondo skills!

    Wonder if this statue in Kobe will be permanent or not, since they already dismantled the Gundam I think. It’s a shame they don’t leave these things up as cultural landmarks.

  • Mead Johnson

    Disney must now build a 400 foot tall Gunther Lessing that spews fire.

  • Brad Constantine

    now that’s cool!!

  • Adam

    it can be radio controlled to carry out tasks of terrible destruction

  • Ian

    These should be permanent, they’re amazing. The only logical reason to take them down is to turn them into functioning giant robots.. “gasp”

  • The funny thing is, this statue of Ironman #28/Gigantor is twice the size he actually was in the manga/anime! (About 25-30 feet!)

    Regardless, this is a great statue!

    Now, I want to see a full-scale Mazinger Z statue! That would rock my world.

  • We NEED a 50 ft. tall IRON GIANT statue in Maine now!!!

  • We need a statue of the Iron Giant.

  • a 60ft Frankenstein Jr. or the Iron Gaint in NYC now! Come on America! I thought we liked showing off?

  • drmedula

    MechaGodzilla is inevitable.

  • Tech toys and Asia seem to go hand in hand.

    For me at least, i see them as contemporary public art pieces. Even though pop culture figures have been around a while.

    I’m not an anime fan, but i’d get a giggle if i were to visit these places and see these statues. But i wouldn’t be crazy envious. They’re art pieces and they’re part of their culture.

  • joe

    Frankenstein Jr.? Hell, why not the Cloverfield monster ?

  • Frankenstein Jr? Hell, no!

    I want a life-size Iron Giant statue!!!!

  • vzk

    Bender would be a better choice for Manhattan.

  • vzk

    (make it EXACTLY the same way it was built on “A Pharaoh to Remember.”)

    “REMEMBER ME” *spews fire from eyes*

  • Katella Gate

    Astonishing! Japan never fails to impress.

  • Antonius

    Finally, I have a reason to visit Japan!

  • master vainglorious

    Japan never fails to fail.