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Funimation Sets U.S., Canada Theatrical Release Date For ‘Your Name’

Funimation Films has set a North American release date of April 7 for Makoto Shinkai’s blockbuster hit Your Name.

Recently surpassing the global total of Spirited Away to become the highest-grossing Japanese animated feature of all-time, Your Name be released in both English-language dub as well as the original Japanese-language with English subtitles. The Japanese rock band Radwimps, which provided the film’s songs, will re-record their songs in English for the dubbed version.

In the film, two high schoolers, Mitsuha and Taki, complete strangers living separate lives, suddenly switch bodies, a bizarre occurrence that continues to happen randomly, and leads them to want to meet each other.

“It’s truly a joy to be part of a film like Your Name that has surprised everyone’s expectations and quickly captivated the hearts and attention of audiences and films critics alike,” said Gen Fukunaga, founder and CEO of Funimation Entertainment. “I have always believed that a touching and beautifully told story can mesmerize mainstream audiences regardless of a film’s genre. Your Name is the perfect example of this and will be one that journalists will point to for years to come.”

Your Name is a key contender this awards season. It is currently nominated for two Annie Awards (best independent animated feature, best feature director) and won best animated feature from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. It is on the consideration list in the animated feature category of the Academy Awards.

  • Ben Smith

    Oh man. Can’t wait to see this in all its glory.

  • Master50007887

    I know devoting too much time to anime on this site would a fool’s errand considering how enormous the field is & how there’s already so much in-depth coverage elsewhere, but it disappoints me sometimes how little the fandoms/studies of cartoons and more broad animation intersect with anime.

    I am glad that this site mostly focuses on Western & Global Animation, as on the whole there are less obvious & popular channels for serious analysis/news/discussion about this subject than anime, (Which has a litany of sites/blogs/channels devoted to it) but it would be cool to see a *bit* more reporting on here about anime.

    I remember Amid did a short news article on Trigger’s “Little Witch Academia 2” kickstarter, and there’s a truly fantastic bit of animation from the new series (Started airing January 9th) that I’d like to share: (Key Art) (Finished Scene)

    Sorry if this is only tangentially related to the above article, but it’s definitely the most anime-related article on here recently. I think this site is doing things mostly right (promoting lesser known as well as mainstream animation around the world, the site has helped me find some really interesting films and works before) I just would like to see a little more anime, but with the regular stuff still dominating the focus.

  • Renard N. Bansale

    This strategy might be end up in vain should the film fail to receive a Best Animated Feature nomination.

    • ValjeanLafitte

      Which you could safely bet it will. This is the Academy we’re talking about here.

      • Renard N. Bansale

        Not quite. It’s the Academy’s Animation branch nominating for that category and only that branch. They’ve gone their own way in the past. Who would’ve thought that Boy & The World and When Marnie Was There could make the category last year?

        Your Name., having just surpassed Spirited Away’s worldwide gross as it continues to boast its box office legs throughout East Asia, could take the “Marnie” spot since Miss Hokusai has barely made a box-office impression and The Red Turtle pretty much only has its Cannes reputation and the reputation of the studios behind it. Add to that the fact that the LAFCA’s Best Animation winner hasn’t failed to get nominated for the Oscar since the Oscar category has existed (2008 being a major asterisk)…Your Name. could manage to snag that nomination.

        Either way, we should all brace ourselves for either outcome.

        • Renard N. Bansale

          And…no nomination. What now, Funimation?

  • donnp

    I thought it was very entertaining, although I found the plot to be a little too convoluted. It reminded me of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which I think is more successful in terms of pacing. It’s certainly visually spectacular.