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‘Your Name’ Reigns Over Japan’s Box Office For Seventh Week

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) continued its record-breaking run at Japan’s box office, earning nearly twice as much as the debut of Jason Bourne to retain the top spot for a seventh straight week in a row.

The cross-genre sci-fi/fantasy/romance has captivated Japanese audiences in a way that no other film has since the 2014 release of Disney’s Frozen, which retained the top box office spot for 16 straight weeks.

Last weekend, Your Name grossed US$6.7 million, lifting its tally to $139.2 million. In Japanese currency, the film’s 14.56 billion yen total is just one billion yen behind Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo. When the film passes Ponyo, it will become the fifth-highest-grossing Japanese film of all time, and the tenth-highest-grossing film ever released in Japan.

By the time the film’s theatrical run is finished, it is possible that Your Name’s gross will exceed 20 billion yen. Below is a current list of the top-grossing films at Japan’s box office:

  1. Spirited Away: 30.40 billion yen
  2. Titanic: 26.20 billion
  3. Frozen: 25.48 billion
  4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: 20.30 billion
  5. Howl’s Moving Castle: 19.60 billion
  6. Princess Mononoke: 19.30 billion
  7. Bayside Shakedown 2: 17.35 billion
  8. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: 17.30 billion
  9. Avatar: 15.60 billion
  10. Ponyo: 15.50 billion
  11. Your Name: 14.56 billion

Masashi Ando (Spirited Away, A Letter to Momo, Paprika) served as the film’s key animation supervisor. Comix Wave produced the film and Toho distributed in Japan.

Funimation has acquired rights for North American distribution, and has stated plans to release both theatrically and on home video.

  • Ga5ton

    I’m so happy this guy is doing well. I wish i could go watch Your Name on a theather but that’s not very likely (i’m from Argentina and movies like that never get here, not in nearby places at least), because i would be glad to pay for something he did instead of the crap i’ve payed for in previous years. 5 Centimeters per Second is one of my favourite movies, it changed the way i watch movies, and for that i’d like to thank him in some way.
    Again, i’m happy for him, i hope he beats Ponyo.

  • ea

    With how popular this movie is in Japan, I wonder if the AMPAS will consider it for Best Animated Feature. The Oscars could certainly use a ratings boost.

    • Not unless it’s submitted for Oscar consideration (or it played somewhere in the states I think).

    • You know. PIXAR or Disney will win any way. Because the judges never watch every nominated film. Shame…

  • GW

    I’ve liked several of Shinkai’s earlier films but this one doesn’t interest me much. The premise is fine but Shinkai’s visual style is too clichéd, especially the character designs. You can put up with it for a couple movies but it’s old hat by now.

    • ea

      Anime in general may not have much variety design-wise but at least they aim for different audiences and stories, unlike most western theatrical animation.

      • GW

        I know that and I appreciate it. In the US, the best films are usually low budget and sometimes made for television, same in the UK. I’m not sure how much variety there is in contemporary Japanese theatrical films, however. There are few adult main characters in anime for instance. There is more varieties of story within their limitations but it’s still not an ideal situation. Makoto Shinkai only does romance well. Children Who Chase Lost Voices isn’t a very good film. Or at least the part I saw wasn’t. I’m not a critic so I don’t watch every movie to the end if I don’t like it. I feel that commercial anime films have been on the decline since Satoshi Kon died and Miyazaki retired. Hosoda is probably the best anime filmmaker currently but his films are too mundanely character oriented from my perspective.

        I’m also a bit frustrated that animation isn’t doing more interesting adult stories. I’m aging out of the primary anime demographics. I’d be more enthused if they told adult stories along with the ones aimed towards youth.

        • (Shake hands) I totally agree with what you said about the Children Who Chase Lost Voices isn’t a very good film, and also the part Hosoda is the best anime filmmaker currently. Although I wouldn’t put Miyazaki’s films under the “anime” category, I think his should have a whole new category of his own!

  • Martin Cohen

    Wish there were English subtitles. Or will it be dubbed?

  • Renard N. Bansale

    That’s been my problem with him as well, but I’ll admit that he’s an expert at generating emotion. Voices was pretty good, Place Promised was melodramatic, 5 cm was a bit overrated, and Lost Voices felt too derivative of Laputa: Castle In The Sky.

    Then he released the Garden of Words, which at 46 min., was the perfect time duration for his style of storytelling.

    I saw Your Name a few days ago and, my goodness, he actually gave the film enough substance to justify the feature-length runtime. It’s now in my top 5 for 2016 so far (below Zootopia and above Snowden, although these placements are subject to change).

  • Sofa_Surfa

    I agree