New Marvel-Madhouse anime New Marvel-Madhouse anime

New Marvel-Madhouse anime

Despite my love and devotion to The Merry Marvel Marching Society, I have to admit these new Marvel Comic anime trailers are pretty kick-ass cool:

(Thanks, Red Pill Junkie)

  • They do look really cool, I really like the Iron Man one! But why did they drew Wolverine like a typical Bishounen-character?

  • FYI, we have these super-sized as part of Toon Zone News’ coverage of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

    They certainly look real purty. Not sure if I’m sold on Wolverine, but largely because I think he’s way overexposed in general. Iron Man looks wicked, though.

  • vzk

    It’s cool that the Japanese show interest in western properties, but why must they f’up with their origins and personalities? Spiderman, Powerpuff Girls, Stitch, and now these two.

    Cool animation though.

  • The Wolverine cilp looks cheesy, with a dash of anime ultraviolence from decades ago. Iron Man should be right up the alley of an anime studio, merging regional interest in mecha combat no doubt.

  • He, I was also a little put off with the rendition of Wolverine. But then again, this re-interpretation of the character may help explore new ideas about his personality, and allow different story-lines than the ones already explored in other animation shows based on the Marvel universe

    After all, Logan has always behaved like a Ronin ;-)

  • Oluseyi

    Eh. Even the western originators “f’up” their origins and personalities. See: retcon. The whole point of Japanese takes on the characters is to get a different perspective.

    Besides, we did – and do – the same to their properties: Transformers, Go-Bots, Gatchaman…

    As for the films, Iron Man looks pretty good. I’m not too fond of the character design for Wolverine, or the oddly shaped and placed claws. But I’ll watch them both. (Green Lantern: First Flight arrives next week from Netflix!)

  • We sure have been getting a lot of these American franchise into anime short film collection things (presuming this is another of of those of course) recently, what with Batman, Terminator and even halo getting this treatment. The Iron man trailer looked great, not so sure about the Wolverine one as that could really be something completely different that just so happens to have Logan’s claws. Please tell me that’s not supposed to be Logan, he’s supposed to be ripped with facial hair! Oh well.

  • startend

    Madhouse appears to like collaborating with American studios, which makes me curious.

  • ZN

    Is that really wolverine or did they just draw some claws on Rurouni Kenshin? I wonder what the pitch meeting for THAT was like.

    These both make sense though because comic books have been trying to capitalize on the manga craze for years, and now in the last couple of years it’s been spilling out onto televisions. Not sure if anything will top Teen Titans — a shallow show, sure, but awesome from an artistic standpoint.. artists really ran wild on that series.

    This stuff might have a better chance of finding a home with teens and adults, though, because it has an ‘in’ — anime fans love Madhouse and trust them to put out quality series. And anime fans have more disposable income than any other niche in the world.

  • Josh

    Warren Ellis, the writer of both of these projects, had this to say about the clips:

    “This is the test animation for the [IRON MAN and WOLVERINE] anime series I’m writing, produced for the south east Asian market. Note test animation: it’s intended to show off the style of the piece only. Nothing in here reflects the actual content, just the design and the aesthetic and the animation. ”

    [on Iron Man] “The only character in this piece that is in the actual series is Iron Man himself, okay?”

    [on Wolverine] “The story itself will be loosely based on the WOLVERINE miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller from the early 1980s. This animation was directed by the legendary Rintaro, I believe.”

  • Killskerry

    I honestly think that japan is upset over that whole DBZ horrific american movie fiasco so they just took wolverine and played the opposites game as sweet sweet revenge.

    He’s 5’ft 3? lets make him 6 ft 9. He has pointy already animesque hair? well lets just give him the biggest mullet we possibly can. Hes hunched and kind ugly? Lets make him so pretty hes one bra away from being a supermodel. I’m all for no takes on an old character but at least try to make them like….the same character.
    Why a fu-dog demon? and how many times do I have to watch a character slash at something pause a moment then watch whatever he was slashing explode into a bloody pulp/robot/statue/flock of birds. Ironman had me until i saw his love interest(?) had green hair.
    Gotta have the green hair.

    I like the work that madhouse does to a point and I must admit that a few of the shorts in the batman collection were quite beautiful but wolverine just looks ridiculous.

  • Brian Kidd

    Hmm. Not sure what to think. Japan doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to doing their own versions of American Comic characters. I mean the Tokusatsu Spider-Man is unbelievably awesome in its awfulness, but I don’t have high hopes for these. I liked GOTHAM KNIGHT well enough, but it was made for American audiences. These look like they are squarely-aimed at Japan. I keep expecting Pepper Potts to give us a panty flash and throw up the Peace sign.

  • Sam Filstrup

    Saw this earlier gotta admit the Ironman looks pretty spiffy but what in the who ha is that guy posing as Wolverine? Other then the claws they don’t look anything alike.

  • To Josh, thanks for pointing out the test animation aspect of this. The entire time I was watching the Iron Man trailer, I was thinking “Why is he fighting a white-haired pretty boy Napolean in Paris?” and “Why is there a woman with green hair, and why is she following Iron Man?”

    As for the Wolverine trailer…”What? What?”

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Still, we’ve come a lone way from the Toei-made Dracula anime some 30 years ago!

  • TheGunheart

    Am I the only one here who thinks Wolverine looks less like an “Anime Wolverine” and more like an American fan artist trying to design what he thinks an Anime Wolverine would look like?

  • Adam C.

    I like these as little clips of fun animation. It’s good to hear Warren Ellis confirm that these are TEST animations, as I’m not entirely sure how well they could each play out as a full episode. They’re great to watch for the fights but once there’s story and dialogue in there, will it work so well? We have no idea, because none of that’s in there. These aren’t exactly trailers, they’re more like pilots. In fact these kinda remind me of the short pilot animation Bruce Timm and friends made for BATMAN. That too was just basically based around a fight (but then, it wasn’t passing itself off as a trailer)

    So while they’re incredibly awesome (well, the Ironman one is – not too sure about Wolverine), and deftly handled by the guys at Madhouse, it does seem to me a little unfair maybe to showcase these as ‘trailers’ for the project.

  • I’ve never had anyone seem to tell me that they were awesome and completely douche-y at the same time. and although Ironman looked damned good he probably looks like an anime fan porno bait man.

  • That’s NOT WOLVERINE! I didn’t think anyone could make Wolverine look like such a lame pansy but the managed to do it.

  • Royce Day

    I’ve been inclined to favor Madhouse anyway (they’ve been doing the opening ceremonies animation for Otakon for the past three years, at a discount, just because they have a good relationship with the con organizers) but these really set off my geek button. Iron Man more than Wolvie, just because Wolverine is overexposed and the bishie syling is off-putting.

    I’m just curious as to how much a chance there is that these might show up on DVD in Region One, given we’ve already got local produced versions of both of their characters airing right now.

  • joecab

    Everyone do yourself a favor and skip ahead to the :43 mark in both clips to skip right to the actual trailer.

  • Corporal Al

    The Wolverine design makes me sad. He doesn’t look rugged and animal like at all. Aside from the fact he has claws there’s nothing that conveys his character traits. The animation is just a bunch of swooshy lines implying he’s cutting stuff. I wouldn’t even watch it for free.

  • Julio

    The Iron Man one looked very promising until the white-haired effeminate military man in an oversized coat appeared. It reminded me of why I rarely like anime.

    “The story itself will be loosely based on the WOLVERINE miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller from the early 1980s…”

    Oh darn. I was hoping the Wolverine depicted was supposed to be Daken. That would have made the character design excusable.

  • Isaac

    @Julio: I was going to make comments to that very same effect. These conventions have no reason behind them. They’re just traditional. It’s art reduced to paint-by-numbers, with no thought or heart.

  • Scott

    Would be nice if they could tell a story, though. The videogame look of this is in some shots interesting.

  • Anna

    hmm…. sorry MadHouse, that ain’t Wolverine. Even w/ his eternally retconing MarySue originins – still ain’t Wolverine!
    You guys might be better off doing X-23 series instead (because we all know anime needs another half-naked hot chick show!…. yeah….)

    IRON MAN trailer looks ridiculously hot tho!

  • Wolvesmom

    Perhaps Wolverine used up all the botox in the world so he can’t make his signature knot and grow? I hate it when they make him tall and upright, why not show him coming out of a hair removal session and make him wear a 3 piece suit while they are on it.

  • The Iron Man one looked fantastic. Even knowing that he’s never going to show up, I liked the bad guy, and the green haired gal was old-fashioned anime cute. Made me think of Giant Robo and that vintage, which in my opinion works well with the idea of Iron Man. and not seeing any familiar faces is fine with me, honestly. Trying to cram in every minor character and legacy villain.. it isn’t necessary.

    It made me want more, is what I’m saying. Unlike the other trailer. The less said about that the better.

  • Katie B

    I can say from experience that mullets are totally a hot thing in Japan right now. They will love this Wolverine. It’s amazing.

    Digging the reinterpretation. Would love to see Mad House’s take on Marvel Zombies…been awhile since there has been some good horror in that market.

  • Walt

    Wolverine teaser doesn’t look like wolverine. What’s up with that? Looks like Vampire Hunter D. Not pleased.