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Who’s Behind the Bottom-Biting Bug

Bottom Biting Bug

Last August Jerry wrote about one of the newest animation fads sweeping through Japan: a crude, borderline inept, series of animated pieces about the Bottom-Biting Bug. This article in Pingmag reveals that the creators are the husband-and-wife team UrumaDelvi. They are also responsible for the animated short A Long Day of Mr. Calpaccio, an entertaining little film that made the festival rounds a couple years back. In the Pingmag piece, the husband half of the team, Uruma, discusses the genesis of the Bottom-Biting Bug and speculates about why it has caught on with the Japanese public. A short clip of the animation is below, but if you really want to torture yourself, try watching this ten-minute spectacle.

  • One cannot walk down the streets of Japan without being inundated with this stuff. It blares out to you from Game Centers, CD shops and toy stores. But it’s also fairly innocuous and thoroughly addictive! Just try marketing a Butt-Biting Bug to the North American Market…no easy task!

  • I’m so glad I watched that whole 10 minute version. Why I could bite a whole butt right about now!

  • It’s okay to be jealous of bottom biting bug.

  • If the Japanese had won the war, no doubt we’d all now be wearing Deely Boppers and bright yellow Depends, bopping along to the Butt Biting Bug boogaloo…