Anne-lou Erambert Anne-lou Erambert
Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Anne-Lou Erambert

Anne-lou Erambert

Anne-Lou Erambert is an animation student who attends Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA) in Angoulême, France.

Anne-lou Erambert

As part of her project research Anne-Lou draws colorful, quick, watercolor and pastel studies.

Anne-lou ErambertAnne-lou Erambert

Here is a rough drawing, character design exploration, and bit of animation from one of Anne-Lou’s proejcts:

Anne-lou ErambertAnne-lou ErambertAnne-lou Erambert

See more of Anne-Lou’s work on her Tumblr.

Anne-lou ErambertAnne-lou Erambert
  • Jen Hurler

    Such a gorgeous and wonderful variety!