Francesca Natale Francesca Natale
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Artist of the Day: Francesca Natale

Francesca Natale

Francesca Natale is a Vancouver-based character designer and illustrator who has created work for Rainmaker Entertainment, Laika, Reel FX and Nerd Corps, among other studios.

Francesca Natale

In a blog post, she discusses some aspects of the graphic style of Ronald Searle and tries out a few drawings of her own exploring his sensibilities. The result is some likable dragons.

Francesca Natale

See more of Francesca’s work on her blog that includes concept sketches and fully rendered character illustrations.

Francesca NataleFrancesca NataleFrancesca Natale
  • Roberto Severino

    Wow! These look fantastic. The Searle influence is quite apparent, but I sense a lot of individuality, skill and style too in her work. I’ve bookmarked her blog right now for inspiration for my own work. Thanks for posting!

  • Such an amazingly talented character designer/illustrator! I really love her style. Probably the best artist I know. And an even greater person to work and hang out with. I’m proud of ya, Francesa! You’re a true inspiration!

  • Dan

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for featuring her..her work is very inspiring!

  • Very quirky! (I like it.) Natale seems to like drawing twisted expressions a lot.

  • Ginevra

    Talent, humor and fantasy…great work!!!

  • Francesca Natale

    Thanks so much Jorge !! Your work has been such an incredible source of inspiration lately. Can’t wait to see The Book of Life shining on the screen:)

  • Luca Giarrettino

    I love this and your style, old-world charm but with a modern energy! fantastic!

  • Andrea Pucci

    Amazing works! Daje!!!