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Artist of the Day: Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt is an illustrator who lives and works in Portland, Oregon, and creates drawings, paintings and prints.

Meg Hunt

Some of Meg’s work uses a traditional/digital approach in which inked drawings are colored digitally with textures of pencils, and then more ink layered in and colored to complete the illustration. Meg’s illustration process seems informed by her printmaking background in the way that the separate colored elements build up the final composition.

Meg HuntMeg Hunt

Meg also posts sketchbook work of pencils and ink drawings on her blog and portfolio site at

Meg HuntMeg HuntMeg HuntMeg Hunt
  • Eam

    I work at Land Gallery here in Portland Oregon. Meg has a show in our gallery where she has asked her artist friends to each create a piece for her wedding. We have over 50 artist including some of Meg’s originals. Check it out!

  • jmahon

    I love it when people use digital techniques to emulate the older palette-restrained printing that used to be in children’s books. How fantastic would it be to have a little golden book with ANYTHING featured here? If you told me it was from the late 60s, I wouldn’t even question it. I love it!

  • Loup Blaster

    This is beautiful !