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Artist of the Day: Neil Sanders

Neil Sanders

The loop is a friend to animators everywhere, but Neil Sanders is a loop fanatic. He is the founder of the monthly animation challenge, Loop de Loop, to which he regularly submits his own creations. The group screens the accepted micro-shorts regularly in Melbourne.

Neil Sanders

Neil’s sketchbook drawings, illustrations and design work can be found on his website. More recent work can be found on his blog and Vimeo account, where the serious loop connoisseur can get comfortable, right click on the loop videos and set them to loop forever.


Neil SandersNeil Sanders
  • I love everything about that giraffe loop.

  • Greg

    Yes Neil is a friend to animators everywhere

  • Louise Druelle

    Seriously great hahaha

    This is generous animation.

  • The Giraffe-head loop is awesome

  • azzamckazza

    Sanders is the best!

  • popyea

    Go Neil! You do awesome work.

  • Neil rocks!