‘GIF-Jam 2014’

A musician created a track first, not knowing what imagery was to go with it. Then, animators turned in GIFs not knowing what would happen.

Skip Dolphin Hursh

Artist of the Day: Skip Dolphin Hursh

Skip Dolphin Hursh works as a designer and animator for Nickelodeon in New York. Skip uses his free time to create personal work that includes handsomely designed looping animated GIFs that invoke thoughts of toy machinery and strange cellular activity. He explains more about how he arrived at this ongoing project in an interview with Giphy.

Artist of the Day: Vince McKelvie

Vince McKelvie creates experimental computer generated animation and publishes his work as animated GIF loops, hardware accelerated interactive animation, and rendered real-time interactive animation, all presented within a web browser.

Lilli Carré

Artist of the Day: Lilli Carré

Lilli Carré is an illustrator and filmmaker in who lives in Chicago. She “primarily works in the forms of experimental animation, …

Nick Edwards

Artist of the Day: Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards is a prolific cartoonist working in the UK who creates comics for print and online distribution, including his regular …

When Craft Beer Labels Get Animated

Video editor Trevor Carmick is receiving all sorts of attention for his new side project called Beer Labels in Motion, a collection of …

Artist of the Day: Alec Mackenzie

Alec Mackenzie is an artist who creates corrupted, grotesque and funny loops of low-end 3D animation and presents them as animated …

Reza Iman

Artist of the Day: Reza Iman

Reza Iman is a recent graduate of the animation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He produces small loops …

Andrew Ohlmann

Artist of the Day: Andrew Ohlmann

Andrew Ohlmann draws and animates often with digital tools. Andrew sometimes uses filters, software functions and programs to partially …

Stephen Vuillemin

Artist of the Day: Stephen Vuillemin

Stephen Vuillemin is an artist who graduated from Gobelins in 2008 and lives in London. You can see Stephen’s portfolio and blog …

Charles Huettner

Artist of the Day: Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner is a Pennsylvania-based artist and animator. He’s a founding member of the Late Night Work Club that will be premiering …

Alex Grigg

Artist of the Day: Alex Grigg

Alex Grigg is an Australian artist working in London. He posts work on his portfolio and blog. Alex creates 2D and 3D …

Geoffrey Lillemon

Artist of the Day: Geoffrey Lillemon

Artist Geoffrey Lillemon combined CG heads with live models for Bernhard Willhelm’s 2013 women’s fashion collection.

Uno Moralez

Artist of the Day: Uno Moralez

The work of Russian artist Uno Moralez is an awesome curiosity. On his website you will find animated loops, illustrations and sequential …

Neil Sanders

Artist of the Day: Neil Sanders

The loop is a friend to animators everywhere, but Neil Sanders is a loop fanatic. He is the founder of the monthly animation challenge, …

The Seven Deadly Sins In Animated GIF Form

French comic artist Boulet (aka Gilles Roussel) animated the seven deadly sins as GIFs. It’s hard to pick, but greed was my favorite in …

Animated Comic Covers

I love animated GIFs and the seemingly infinite variations on the form. Comic book artist Kerry Callen has come up with a new twist: …

A Novel Use of Animated GIFs

French animator Stephen Vuillemin created this on-line comic composed entirely of animated GIFs. The storyline is a tad on the crude …