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Artist of the Day: Brittney Lee

Brittney Lee

This week we continue looking at some of the talented artists whose efforts made possible the new Disney feature Frozen. Brittney Lee is credited on the film as a visual development artist.

A few of her character studies are below:

Brittney Lee Brittney Lee

Brittney specializes in dimensional paper sculpture illustrations. She has created multiple images that relate to scenes in Disney pictures for various projects and group shows:

Brittney Lee Brittney Lee Brittney Lee

See more of Brittney’s drawings and paper creations on her blog. Those who browse all the way back to Brittney’s posts archived from 2005 will recognize her student film work that is featured prominently throughout Nancy Beiman’s excellent animation book, Prepare to Board!

Brittney Lee

Lee also illustrated the Frozen book tie-in A Sister More Like Me:

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Yes! I love her work so much! A few of my graphic design projects in college were inspired by her work.

  • CTN

    I had the pleasure of meeting Brittney at CTN this year- not only is she insanely talented, but is super friendly and awesome to talk to!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Beautiful work.

  • Richard Bailey

    Been a fan for a while now. Gorgeous work!

  • Mike Scott

    It’s like she can’t *not* do work with charm. V. nice.

  • OtherDan

    two thumbs up!