Artist of the Day: Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner is a Pennsylvania-based artist and animator. He’s a founding member of the Late Night Work Club that will be premiering their initial anthology of shorts sometime in the near future.

Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner

Charles draws funny little characters and carries the same design sensibilities over into 3D space where he experiments with short, strange pieces that are collected on his “3D On The Side” Vimeo account.

Charles’s most frequently asked question is also a short by the same name, “What program do you use to animate?”

Some of his experiments become animated GIFs instead of videos.

Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner

See more of Charles’s work on his blog.

Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner

  • Greg Sharp

    What a champion!

  • Scott Benson

    Charles is the best. He also recently posted a gif from a short film he’s finishing later this year.

  • Seni

    The dude’s work is awesome!

  • Amy

    Mickey Mouse looks like Hitler.

  • Ju-osh

    While I appreciate his efforts, he really needs to work on his surfacing and rendering. Honestly, none of these characters look ‘real’. Compare these to the amazingly life-like surfaces in Cars and Cars 2, and it’s not hard to see the difference in believability and marketability. Perhaps a bit more schooling and a few million more dollars spent on equipmen—


    I LOVE YOU CHARLES!!!!!!!!

  • fluffy

    David O’Reilly’s somewhat-less-evil twin?

    • curious

      How soon before this “O’Reilly-esque” style jumps the shark?

  • charles huettner

    thanks everyone!

  • Elana Pritchard

    Kind of like Paper Rad

  • Sean Buckelew

    Yeah Charles!! #1 Cool dude

  • Natalie Nicole Johnson

    Strange, but likeable!