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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll graduated from Sheridan’s classical animation program before moving to Vancouver where she has since worked on animation productions and as a comic artist and illustrator.

Emily CarrollEmily Carroll

Emily experiments with online comics storytelling such as Margot’s Room, an interactive clickable comic that requires the reader to explore panels to reveal the story.

Emily Carroll

Above is an alternate Adventure Time comic cover that Emily painted.

Emily Carroll

Emily also organizes the fan art she draws. Her Dune art is here and video game related pieces here.

Emily Carroll

Visit Emily’s portfolio and blog for more.

Emily Carroll
  • jordan reichek

    holee krap, is she talented!

  • Gavin Mouldey

    Beautiful. Inspires me to stop browsing and go draw. Right after I finish looking at her stuff though.

  • Dan

    If you haven’t read it, go to her site and read ‘His Face All Red’. It’s fantastic

  • Roberto Severino

    Beautiful! Who wouldn’t wanna draw after seeing these?

  • love