Marcelo Lelis Marcelo Lelis
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Artist of the Day: Marcelo Lelis

Marcelo Lelis
Marcelo Lelis

Lagoa Santa, Brazil
Primary media:
Pencil, ink, watercolor
Major projects:
Illustrator of over 60 children’s books.
Editorial illustrator [Folha de São Paulo and Estado de Minas newspaper]
Comics writer/artist [France: Publisher Casterman and Webtrip Lyon comics festival. Canada: Anthology Project 2.]
Animation concept artist [Germany: Studio Soi]

(English closed captions available on this video, click CC:)


Marcelo LelisMarcelo LelisMarcelo LelisMarcelo LelisMarcelo LelisMarcelo Lelis Marcelo LelisMarcelo LelisMarcelo Lelis Marcelo Lelis Marcelo LelisMarcelo Lelis
  • L_Ron_Backfromthegrave

    Really smart stuff with an unusual style that captures dimensionality and texture in a whole flavor. I love it! His ‘voice’ would blend well with Bill Plympton.

  • martin


  • Chicken McPhee

    That is some GREAT EFFIN WORK!

  • LeoCatelli09

    Amazing work. Thankful that Cartoon Brew continues to showcase international artists. Really is inspiring to see stuff that branches out from the common styles we see here in the USA.