Olga Stern Olga Stern
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Artist of the Day: Olga Stern

Olga Stern

Olga Stern is a visual development artist based in Toronto who also illustrates books. You can visit her website, blog, other blog, and portfolio blog to see her work.

Olga SternOlga SternOlga Stern

Besides her character and environmental designs, you can see landscape studies that Olga draws in pastels. She initially learned to “paint” with pastels during a class taught by Bill Cone that was part of her three-month internship at Pixar. See her work from that class here.


Olga SternOlga Stern
  • Dado

    Wow, beautiful work!

  • This stuff is very pretty. :)

  • Christopher Siemasko

    that last drawing is of Randeep Katari! Haha!! So awesome!!!!

  • Randeep

    hahahahahaha congrats olga :)

  • Lovely lovey lovely