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Artist of the Day: Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith (not to be confused with indie animator Pat Smith) is an artist whose work tends to be constructed of colorful objects as if toy construction and geometric block sets have assembled into new beings and landscapes.

Patrick SmithPatrick SmithPatrick Smith

Patrick is the rare artist who is equally accomplished in the technical aspects of digital design and programming as he is working on paper. He built the interactive Vectorpark website early in the history of online Flash animation using self-taught ActionScript programming techniques to produce curious worlds for users to manipulate with mouse clicks (and now with fingers on updated mobile versions).

Patrick Smith

Above is a screenshot from one of the Vectorpark pieces, Feed the Head.

Patrick SmithPatrick Smith

You can see a portfolio of drawings and paintings here and more drawings on his blog.

Patrick SmithPatrick SmithPatrick SmithPatrick Smith
  • Evan

    One of my favorite contemporary artists. So amazing!

  • David Martingale

    Gorgeous stuff. Reminds me a little of Max Ernst.

  • Francois Jordaan

    I cannot recommend the Vectorpark iPad games Feed the Head and Windosill highly enough. Hands down the most original and imaginative interactive toys I’ve ever played. And not just arty – also in terms of “playability”. My children (2 and 5) find the games just as absorbing and enjoyable as I do. They have probably spent more time on them than on any other iPad games. I just wish Patrick Smith would make more.