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Artist of the Day: Philip Dimitriadis

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Philip Dimitriadis

Philip Dimitriadis works as a conceptual 2D and 3D artist for animation productions.

Philip Dimitriadis

For the “Arabia project” that Philip was working on at Mike Young Productions in 2007, he was assigned to create a fictional hieroglyphic alphabet for use in the background environments which can be viewed here.

Philip Dimitriadis

Above is a foliage study and robot design that Philip modeled in Maya.

Philip Dimitriadis

More work in both 2D and 3D is available for viewing on his blog.

Philip Dimitriadis
  • Nice to see a background designer being profiled. They are often overlooked in favor of character animators, but to me the atmosphere of a film is just a crucial for creating a believable world.

  • Tim Hodge

    Beautiful work as always, Phil!

  • Greg Hardin

    Great job Phil!!