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“Epic” Artist of the Day: Sang Jun Lee

Sangjun Lee

Continuing our week of looking at artists who worked on Epic, we focus on Sang Jun Lee.

Sangjun LeeSangjun Lee

Sang Jun has designed characters and concepts for many blockbuster movie franchises including Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Men In Black. After a stretch of working in California on these live-action films, he moved to New York to work on Blue Sky features such as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and most recently, Epic.

Sangjun LeeSangjun LeeSangjun Lee

Sang Jun’s website has a generous amount of drawings and digital paintings to explore. He also keeps a blog here.

Sangjun LeeSangjun LeeSangjun LeeSangjun LeeSangjun LeeSangjun Lee
  • Gary Dunn

    Brilliant..Great work on the blog and the site link!..Great Artist!

  • Eman

    Creature artists are the best.