Sonnye Lim Sonnye Lim
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Artist of the Day: Sonnye Lim

Sonnye Lim

Sonnye “Jin” Lim is a recent graduate of the film/video/animation program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her 2013 reel is below, along with more of her films on Vimeo.

Sonnye Lim

One of Jin’s personal projects in progress is a comic called Blondie, starring her characters Blondie and Quinn and set “in a zombie apocalyptic universe.”

Sonnye LimSonnye Lim

See more of Jin’s dark drawings in pencils, ink and pixels on her Tumblr and her animation portfolio blog.

Sonnye LimSonnye LimSonnye Lim
  • hitface

    i think i found a new favourite! her work looks amazing! I really loved her animation too. it makes me think of cat soup a little bit, but definitely with her own touch.

  • just saw her film ( ) and its crazy ! loved that shot at :50. super fun, lotta great moments, congrats !

  • OtherDan

    Great reel!

  • Joel

    This is great stuff! Her animation’s beautiful too! I’ll have to follow her work!